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Something interesting happened…

Every Wednesday, I gather with my private mastermind clients for 90 minutes of pure business-building gold. It’s a remarkable group of people committed to taking their business to the next level, in a way that’s leveraged, aligned with their values and totally fun.

I’ve got to say that this Wednesday call was off the hook!

Perhaps that’s because I’m so freaking happy to be back to my normal self, or that I absolutely love nudging entrepreneurs to see and experience their business in a whole new light. Who knows? But what blew me away this week was what happened after the call.

Here’s what went down.

On these mastermind calls, the conversation rotates through one of four areas you’ve got to nail as an entrepreneur in today’s world. They are 1) Closing private clients, 2) Creating kick ass content (marketing and courses) 3) Nailing the Lucrative Launch or 4) Growing and nurturing your list.

It’s my job to bring fresh, innovative, stealth strategies each week to get their business-building juices flowing. On this call we covered…

… How to choose your top five “high payoff” goals for a super productive week

… How to get more done with “sprints” rather than speed

… A behind the scenes look at what we’re learning from this list engagement campaign

… How to plan, organize and create content for their next list building campaign

… Creative ways to create a buzz before they launch their course

… How one mastermind member filled her course launch with a killer “B to B” slide deck

I know, right? That’s a lot to cover in 90 minutes. I was on fire and everybody was jazzed.

But that’s not what blew me away.

After the call, I heard from nearly everyone on the call who, one way or another, had a breakthrough. After years of resisting, one client finally moved beyond her resistance to setting weekly goals and went for it. Another proclaimed a new relationship with time and blew through her list for the remainder of the day. Another got off and reached out to a key player in her niche she had wanted to call for months. Still another saw how fear of judgment was in her way and we used a 3-step process to break through.

Think about it…

Yes, each person came for and received relevant business-building strategies. Yes, they were inspired and felt connected to their fellow Masterminders. But what really mattered was the inner game shifts that inspired a new level of clarity, confidence and courageous action.

Here’s the real deal… it’s your inner game shifts that create success in business. Yes, you need strategies and tactics to reach your goals, but the real race is won by those who focus just as much on their inner game growth as anything else.

When you know how to navigate the inner game of business, you’re golden. You can move beyond the fear, work through the self-doubt, dance with overwhelm and conquer confusion.

If you agree that who you are being is just as important as any tactic or strategy, then you and I are aligned in our thinking and I have an invitation for you.

My invitation…

Every now and then I open a few spots in my mastermind for people who are ready to roll up their sleeves and take their business to the next level. If you have tried other programs and not gotten what you needed, if you are ready to pick up the pace and accelerate your progress, click here to request my Mastermind Invitation.

Check it out if you are wondering if this is what you’ve been looking for, or simply because you have a mastermind (or thinking of starting one) and want to see how mine is different. It’s all good. ;0)

The bottom line is that I run a private mastermind because…

I love working one on one with good people who have a big vision

I love sharing all I’ve learned from 30 years of building businesses

I love the sacred partnership that comes from committing to someone else’s vision

I love helping people transform their experience to one that’s fun, fulfilling and highly profitable

Too many business coaches don’t have the experience or track record needed to guide others.

Too many hold back their best stuff or aren’t willing to share what’s behind the curtain.

Too many of their programs are so “leveraged” they can’t possibly provide the personal support you need.

I’d LOVE to see if what we have is what you have been looking for. Request the Mastermind invitation here and if it resonates, let’s explore through a Business Acceleration Session.

Typically, we require a $197 refundable deposit for this session but I’m going to waive that today. Here’s why… even if the mastermind isn’t for you or doesn’t fit within your budget, I believe we can help you no matter where you are on your path. Whether you are just starting out, picking up speed or already kicking ass, I am confident we can accelerate your path to your vision.

Click here to grab my Mastermind invitation and then, if you are intrigued, let’s connect!

To what’s possible!



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