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The funny thing about vision work is that it can conjure up all sorts of things…

After sharing my Vision Crafting Process last week, I heard from a lot of you who are feeling “vision challenged.”

Here’s what I heard…

  1. I fell so short of last year’s vision I am feeling discouraged and asking, What’s the use?
  2. Your 15 questions for creating a vision for your business were great, I just have no clue how to answer half of them.
  3. I know I need a vision, but right now I can’t see beyond this week. What tips do you have for creating a vision when you are in such overwhelm?

Finally, I received this…

Sometimes, I feel like my visions that I do at the end of each year are just a “pie in the sky” wish, rather than something I can actually achieve. How can I get myself to trust in the process and believe that it’s actually going to make a difference?

I get it!

When you feel stretched so thin, discouraged or overwhelmed in the present, any energy you have needs to go toward making it through the day, week or month. The idea of focusing on the future and imagining new possibilities seems daunting or even impossible.

But, what if the process of creating your vision actually supported you right where you are?

What if giving yourself the gift of this process actually helped you see what changes you want to make in your life so that, this time next year, you feel less overwhelmed and frustrated, and more energized and inspired?

So, if you are feeling stuck and want to conjure up more enthusiasm for this vision crafting process, I’m inviting you to do a little “Vision Crafting Pre-Work” by exploring why this matters and how you want to feel.

Why Does This Matter?

Research shows that no matter who you are, where you are on your path to your dreams or what your life has been like up until now, writing out your vision, for where you want to be in the future, doubles your chance of making it happen.

Bottom line is, you can’t hit a target you can’t see.  Staking claim on the life and business you want one year from now gives you a beacon toward which you can move. Writing down your desires also activates the universal laws of creation and attraction. The moment you proclaim to yourself and the world, what you want, circumstances and opportunities magically align to start bringing them into your reality.

Yes, I get that if you’ve been down this path before and you haven’t manifested the vision you wanted, you could be feeling deflated or discouraged. But I am here to tell you that the life and business you want deserves another try.

Vision – Your First Step To A Purposeful Plan

There is another really important reason to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard and write out your one year vision. Because without a clear picture of where you want to be one year from now, you will NEVER (and I mean never) be able to create a plan to get there.

As a business owner, you need to be working with a step-by-step plan. A plan keeps you focused and productive, ensures you invest your time and capital where it will do the most good, and empowers you to make wise, conscious decisions every step of the way.

How Do You Want To Feel?

One way to make your business vision crafting process more fun and enable you to answer the 15 questions in the Vision Quest Exercise more easily, is to first connect to how you want to feel as you move toward your vision.

Before you explore through the 15 questions on WHAT you want to accomplish or HOW you are going to make it happen, let’s hit the pause button and explore how you want to feel not just when you arrive, but on the journey to get there.

Feelings such as… inspired, happy, connected, loved, energized, courageous, confident, clear or committed may pop up.  In your journal, list words that describe how you want to feel in the coming year and then ask yourself… what would need to happen to have me feel this way in the months ahead? 

You were born to live a life that is meaningful, fulfilling and abundant!

So dear reader, it’s time to put on your big girl (or boy) panties and take another shot at the vision crafting process. Only this time, keep an eye on what you want to “experience” while manifesting your dreams.

Let your imagination go beyond the goals and the items on your list, and envision a deeply meaningful and fulfilling one-year journey.

Oh by the way… as you take this powerful step, keep in mind the scientifically-backed truth that the moment you proclaim to yourself and the world where you want to be one year from now, you call forth the people, opportunities and circumstances that will help make it your reality.

Happy Visioning!