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If you have been keeping up with the Best Year Yet blog series, last Friday, you began to take your first steps to writing out your vision for what you want to manifest in 2018.

Some of you dived in without a care in the world, envisioning new possibilities and great success.

However, others emailed me with private shares of feeling blocked when it comes to writing out their vision, as recommended in the Vision Quest Exercise. One reader posed this question that I want to unpack together.

I don’t write out my vision as you’ve described, but rather have a list of all the things I want to accomplish in the year… projects, campaigns and specific goals. Isn’t that enough?

Here’s what I know about vision work…

Vision crafting is powerful; in that it serves you and your business on two levels.

First, it activates your manifesting mojo, increases your desire and opens your eyes to new possibilities you’ve not yet seen. When you stand in a place of possibility and imagine what could happen, you tap into your child-like ability to believe that anything is possible.

You will be editing your vision in the next step of my Purposeful Planning Process, but for right now, the goal is to keep your inner critic at bay, so you can see new possibilities and allow yourself to dream.

The second way vision crafting serves you, is that it holds clues as to what to include in your biz growth plan for 2018. Consider it a right-brain, creative door through which you approach the left-brain, linear planning process. When you follow our process of moving from thoughts, to words, to pictures and then numbers… you arrive at a powerful place where your vision becomes more clear.

Within your vision holds the key to…

  • The goals you want to achieve,
  • The campaigns you want to conduct,
  • The projects you want to take on,
  • The team you need to hire,
  • The systems you want to put into place.

I wrote my first business vision back in 1987, when I started my first business, so I’ve built my vision crafting muscle over 30 years.  For those first few years, however, after that first week, my vision was never to be seen again. Then, as the holidays rolled around and my thoughts drifted to the year ahead, I would dig out my written vision to see how well I did.

Then, one year, I resolved to change up how I used vision crafting in my life and business.

Rather than it being a year-end tradition, I made it a monthly ritual. On the first day of each month, I pull up my vision and created a new file with a new date. Then, I read through the vision, changing anything I’ve accomplished to purple. It feels so good to see the document change into a vibrant purple over the months.

But that’s not all I do on the first of each month… as the year unfolds, I also look for anything that no longer fuels me or that I no longer plan to do. Whether it’s a change in the market, a new opportunity that arises, or a shift in where I want to put my focus, I clear out any element of my vision that feels out of alignment with what I truly desire.

What’s cool about this monthly vision edit, is that it keeps me focused on what brings me joy and reduces any guilt that can come from letting go of projects or campaigns I once committed to.

This monthly vision edit also enables me to make smart decisions, keep my team abreast of any changes and, most of all, ensures I am as enthusiastic about my business on day 300 as I was on the first day of the year.

So how about it?

  • Are you seeing the power of writing out your vision?
  • Can you see how your vision is simply the starting point to creating a beacon toward which your business moves?
  • Are you also seeing that your vision is NOT set in stone, but rather is an ever-evolving tool for manifesting the life and business you desire?

If your answer is yes, I’ve got a special gift I want to share with you, that will make your year-end vision crafting process much easier. It’s the 2017 edition of my Annual Planning Guide To Your Best Year Yet.

My Gift To You

It’s something I share with my community every December and this years’ is better than ever. I’m also sweetening the pot by giving you an opportunity to participate as my guest in an upcoming program I’m offering called the Accelerated Business Breakthrough Experience.

All you need to do to enter the drawing for free admission is to grab this year’s edition of my Annual Planning Guide To Your Best Year Yet.  If you want to increase your chances of winning, simply post a comment, pose a question, share a win, or celebrate an insight on one of my blogs from the 2 week Best Year Yet campaign… each post equals an entry in the final drawing to be announced on December 21, during my Best Year Yet Live Masterclass.

One More Tip…

After downloading my Annual Planning Guide, check out page 15 where you will find one of my favorite steps in the Purposeful Planning Process… something I call “Vision Scanning.” It’s a simple way to move from a right-brain description of what you want to a more tangible, left-brain picture of what needs to take place on the way to the vision.

Vision Scanning could be the missing piece that has kept you from turning your written vision into a kick-ass month-by-month plan, to turn your vision into your reality!

BTW… are you enjoying this Best Year Yet series? If yes, I would love for you to share a takeaway by posting a comment on my blog or pass it on to your friends. Together, we can empower others to step into 2018 with the clarity, confidence and courage to manifest their best year yet!