Who I am

  • I am an entrepreneur, strategist, teacher, mentor and champion of entrepreneurs all around the world.
  • I am inspired by people who have the audacity to want to turn their expertise, talents and passions into a business that allows them to live life on their own terms.
  • I am wired to see what’s possible for others and then usher them into that vision.
  • I am just like you – doing my best to make sense of this crazy ride of growing a business.
Course Design
Online Learning
Leveraging Strategies

My History

My entrepreneurial journey began in 1987, when Mario (my husband of 29 years) used the $5000 we had saved for my wedding for seed money in our first business. Together we took that business to the multi-million dollar mark and sold it in 2000. It still thrives today.

But I was hooked… the entrepreneurial lifestyle suited me and so over the next 15 years we would go on to start and grow 6 successful businesses together.

While my credentials include a Masters in International Business Administration, it is in-the-trenches experience, not the classroom, where I gained the insight, intuition and expertise that enables me to support others on their quest for entrepreneurial bliss.

A Game-Changing Experience

In 2005, the trajectory of our life and business changed when my husband and his business partner, Nickolai, created an e-learning platform for me to deliver a leadership course to association clients scattered all over the world. It was my first taste of empowering clients from a distance and I loved it. Since then our course design and delivery service has earned a reputation for being the Mercedes of the eLearning world. With an emphasis on stellar curriculum design and a powerful user experience, we now help entrepreneurs around the world turn their expert knowledge into programs that impact lasting change and bring a consistent flow of revenues into their business.

How I See Business Now

Today, at the age of 55, I see life and business through new eyes. Each new client we take on, each course we help design and help take to the world represents a sacred partnership. Through our clients we fulfill our mission of “exponential empowerment” which says means when we empower one – we empower millions through the meaningful work they do.

Cool Things I Have Done

  • Received her BA in East Asian Studies and studied Mandarin Chinese for four years
  • Spent her junior year in college attending school at the Palais Kinsky in Vienna, Austria
  • Held a toga party with 10 friends at the Parthenon in Athens Greece
  • Lived in Taiwan, Japan and traveled to more than 24 countries
  • Authored two best-selling books that have been translated into six languages
  • Helped thousands of entrepreneurs turn their passions into higher business profits
  • Took two businesses to the multi-million dollar mark and beyond
  • Co-Founded an international association for home-based entrepreneurs
  • Launched a new business for a graduate school friend in just 6 months
  • Broke a 6 year standing sales record on the #1 Canadian TV shopping channel
  • Remained blissfully married to her soul mate, Mario, for nearly 30 years
  • Is a loving stepmom to Paola and grandma to four amazing grandkids
  • Mom to Alex who is the most loving, laidback surfer kid with a servant’s heart
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