Our Areas of Expertise

We are wired to SERVE

We believe entrepreneurship is the catalyst for stepping into the person you are being called to be. Your journey in business can be either a blissful exploration or an endless nightmare of long hours and never-ending overwhelm. What determines your path is leverage. Here are the four “Power Moves” we teach to turn your passion and expert knowledge into a long and lucrative career.

Our Signature Process

Power Move #1

Design It
Design and delivery a signature program that delivers on your promise and becomes the profit engine of your business.

Power Move #2

Automate It
Take your signature program online to reach clients around the world and create an unparalleled online learning experience.

Power Move #3

Market It
Systemize your sales process to have a consistent stream of ideal clients who want to work with you.

Power Move #4

Leverage it
Multiplying the impact of your programs by harnessing one of the 5 Power Leveraging strategies we’ve mastered.

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