jillboltetaylor1In my last entry, I shared the power of finding my purpose and eluded to some of the magical encounters I’ve had since stepping into this space.  Here’s one I have to share…

It had been less than 16 hours since first writing, speaking and sharing my newly defined purpose. (See my last entry if you are curious) There I was, sitting on the floor (next to an outlet) in the United terminal in San Francisco International Airport waiting for my flight, which had been delayed for a second time.  Out of nowhere came a voice: “Are you getting emails through that thing?,” asked a woman who was inquiring about my broadband attachment. A conversation ensued around how one gets emails through their cell service and what mistakes to avoid.

There was something about her voice that was familiar and so I inquired as to how I might know her. In a comfortable yet humble tone she said, “Well, I’ve written a book and have been on Oprah or you may have seen my presentation on TED.” Of Course, this was Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, the visionary brain scientist who I had watched on TED many times. I stood and a brief, but meaningful exchange took place about her work, the opportunities before her and the enormity of her powerful message.

If you have never seen Dr. Taylor’s inspiring re-count of her stroke experience, drop everything and watch this now.

Then, recognize the irony of this chance meeting with one of today’s greatest Thought Leaders less than 16 hours after I proclaimed my new powerful purpose.  Experience the power of proclaiming your purpose.

To learn more about Jill’s book and her powerful message go to: drjilltaylor.com.