humilityHumility, in its purest form, has been hailed in movies, honored in classrooms and preached from the pulpits. But what is it really? What is at the heart of humility? Look up humility on line and you’ll see it defined as the quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance, rank, etc.

My view of humility comes from a deeper place based on my own personal experience. I believe when we stand in a place of humility we are in essence honoring the value and brilliance of others. Not just the ones we have put on the pedestal or who by rank, serve as our leaders and mentors – I’m talking about those behind the scenes as well.

I’m reminded by a beautiful quote by Mary Kay Ash that went something like this… “To be a leader we must honor the person who cleans the floors as much as we honor the person that owns the floors.” Doesn’t this pretty much sum it up? Is anyone really any more brilliant than the other? I think not.

However, humility can be an interesting thing when it comes time to market our services, ask for business and close the deal. To do this, we are holding ourselves up as the “keeper of the keys” to the answers and solutions they are looking for.  I know that it sometimes feels a little odd to hold myself up as an “expert or guru” despite the fact that I have evidence after evidence of the impact I can have on a personal business and personal life.  Thank goodness I have friends, a coach and many clients who remind me of the value I offer.  Their experience of my work nudges me to “step into my power” and let her rip! I write the blog (you are reading evidence of one now), I make the call, I extend the invitation to work with me – all from that place of remembering the valuable impact I have on others.  Sure, there is a little voice inside telling me “it’s not right to brag.”  I hear that, check to make sure I’m coming from the right place and then keep on keeping on!

I believe I’m not different from you! The landscape of my day may be different. I may be talking to different people and my list of things to do might involve different tasks, but aren’t we all looking for a way to express our value to others in a way that’s comfortable and effective?  Aren’t we all simply looking for a way to express the difference we know we can make? I get it and I’m with you!

So let this serve as a reminder to myself and you that if the ultimate goal is to create the life we truly want to live, we will need to stand in our greatness and do the stuff that sometimes scares us. But what’s a little discomfort today if it leads to having what we truly want tomorrow?

So I invite you to find a comfortable blend of humility and power. To honor the greatness in yourself as you see the greatness in others.  It’s from this place that we can use our talents for the greater good of all.