The answer may be killing your profits and your passion.

wheelAs a business strategist I help business earn more and have more fun doing it.  How we do that varies for each client. Sometimes we expand into new markets or tweak how they talk about their offer. However, one thing nearly every client needs is greater clarity about where they should invest their time and capital for the greatest return.

Let’s face it, today there are thousands of options for growing your business. But in a hour of work time, what should you do?  You could write a blog, post in Facebook, answer emails, run a campaign, call a client, form a JV alliance, go to a networking event…AHHH… it can drive a person batty!

To help ease your pain and confusion, here are some tips for deciding the best use of your time for the highest return.

BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND: You may think you have a clear vision for your business but do you really? Is it a written vision that includes both the right and left brain components? When I work with a client, we spend time clarifying the creative, feeling-aspect of your vision but we don’t stop there. We get super detailed around what must go with it – the sales figures you’ll hit, the team you’ll have, the marketing strategies you will implement and so on.

ESTABLISH REASONABLE BENCHMARKS: These are smaller goals that when completed, move you closer to your big vision. My studies show that 85% of entrepreneurs begin their month WITHOUT specific goals or a plan.
All I can say is… you can’t hit a target you can’t see!

CHOOSE THE RIGHT STRATEGIES: I see so many well-meaning entrepreneurs investing in programs, tools and information without really considering whether it’s appropriate for their plan or personality. Then they feel guilty when they don’t follow through. Give yourself a break – choose 3 to 4 strategies that are aligned with who you are and what you love. You’ll be more courageous, you’ll follow through and you’ll get much better results. I promise!

DESIGN YOUR WEEK: One of the tips my clients love is to ditch the Daily To Do List and move to a Weekly Action Plan. It gives you freedom, a longer range vision and allows you to be flexible and kind to yourself. What do you put on your Weekly Action Plan? Single steps that are born out of something I call a Freedom Plan. This is a simple document that outlines your main objectives for a specific period of time, identifies the strategies you’ll utilizes and specifies the steps you’ll take to get there. A Freedom Plan is freeing!

So there you have it… you need a clearly defined one year vision, specific monthly goals, 3-4 appropriate marketing strategies and a weekly plan of action. Add a great Business Coach (that would be me!) who guides and supports you in the implementation and watch the magic happen and the sales soar!
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