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The other day I asked myself… “What are the common threads among those who succeed in business?”

I looked at my own experience of growing five businesses.
I looked at my friends & colleagues who are also building successful business.
I looked at my clients who are making great progress – taking huge leaps.

And then it hit me… while there were many similarities and best practices among all of them – one totally stood out for me.

A common thread among all my successful, entrepreneurial friends is that they are all…
genuinely grateful, joy-filled HAPPY people!

So then I asked another question… “What do successful entrepreneurs do to stay happy?”

Following are my discoveries as I went on a HUNT for the strategies, perspectives and SECRETS of the HAPPY entrepreneur.  While the list was long, I’m sharing SEVEN that you can apply to your life and business TODAY to increase your level of HAPPINESS and become a magnet for success!

Secret #1: Happy entrepreneurs give themselves the gift of an Extraordinary Vision!

Their work is an expression of their talents & gifts
They’ve given themselves permission to want more
They’ve learned to quiet the inner critic that says _”you don’t deserve that”_
They use the vision as a compass and source of inspiration to take action

Our next secret was expressed beautifully by Wayne Dyer in his book, The Power of Intention. We writes… “One of the best ways to transcend ordinary is to say YES to what life brings you.”

Secret #2: Happy entrepreneurs say YES to themselves and their vision… daily!

When you stand in the energy of YES – you open yourself up to possibility!
The energy feels expansive, willing and optimistic
This doesn’t mean that you never say no – there is power in NO
As you become more clear about your Extraordinary Business Vision – your will know when to say no and when to say yes

Secret #3: Happy entrepreneurs look for the MIRACLE in all they do

They see the sacredness in a chance meeting
They find the gift in being able to support someone else who is in pain
They look for what IS working and refuse to give energy to what is not
They see the beauty and significance in the seemingly mundane tasks

Secret #4: Happy entrepreneurs GIVE themselves the GIFT of a proven plan

There is an epidemic that runs rampant among the entrepreneurial world and it’s called the Shiny Object Syndrome. Running from project to project or strategy to strategy – discouraged and not getting the results they want; – never really picking

Secret #5: Happy entrepreneurs leave space for having a LIFE!

They make time for nurturing their relationships, caring for their bodies and having FUN!
This actually enriches their ability to show up powerfully to do the work they need to do.

Secret #6: Happy entrepreneurs surround themselves with “Sacred Support”

Masterminds and support networks provide connection with like-minded, healthy individuals who care about them and their success
You have a sounding board, a source of creative solutions and a fresh perspective on a problem or opportunity

Secret #7: Happy entrepreneurs recognize that they can’t do it alone

Having a coach or mentor is key to shortening the learning curve, staying strong and making smart choices..

Three questions to consider when hiring a business coach…

  1. Do they have a personal track record of success in more than one business?
  2. Do they have a proven process they take you through that is tested across many business models?
  3. Is their experience RECENT and relevant to what you need to grow your business?
  4. Do they see the WHOLE of you – or just your entrepreneurs? Your success is dependent not just on the strategy and plan – but on your ability to be WHO you need to be to implement the plan

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