Coaching skills profit all aspects of your life. Whether you want to increase sales, build a team or engage someone in a compelling vision, one skill set enables us to show up more powerfully, and that’s coaching. Applying coaching skills creates deeper connections with others, makes people feel valued and heard, and gives others the space to be resourceful and empowered. In business, you can take these skills into your marketing efforts, sales conversations, team building and, of course, client relationships. But these skills also can prove crucial in other aspects of your life.

My father recently underwent heart surgery and has experienced complications in his recovery. After a rough night of delirium and discomfort, he decided he was done with life. He subsequently refused treatment, medication, and any form of nutrients. In this tense and emotional situation, I drew upon my coaching skills as I never had before. I sat with him, asked powerful questions and listened with my whole being. I empathized and reflected back to him what I was hearing, affirming his feelings of hopelessness and discomfort. Then I used the art of vision crafting by talking about what lies ahead for him if he could find the strength to pull through. Finally, I asked, “Daddy, if I could make a promise that with time this pain and sadness would go away and you could live out the rest of your days comfortably with the people who love you, would it be worth the fight?” He nodded yes, took a bite of his food, and allowed the hospital staff to resume their job of bringing him back to health. I can’t say that this one single conversation re-engaged him in the fight for his life, but I’m very grateful that I could lean on my coaching skills to help him regain his fight.

I challenge everyone to think like a coach in your business and personal life. Ask more questions and listen more deeply. Trust that you will find the answers you need–to engage someone in your offer, to inspire someone to take action or to take a step toward a better life. Need a little more guidance? Sign up for a complimentary strategy session with one of my business mastery coaches. Get started here.