From fine-tuning your message to amping up your marketing efforts, there will always be things you can do to enhance your success. But how can you tell the difference between action steps that create marginal results and those that create breakthroughs? This is an important skill to develop because your business success comes from focusing on the high-payoff tasks.

As you consider where you want to invest your time for the greatest return, look for these common characteristics. First, high pay-off tasks usually fall way outside your comfort zone. The make your heart race and cause you to draw upon a part of you that may have been dormant, waiting in the wings. Second, reach for a higher-caliber of prospect—the most influential people in your community or field who may have intimidated you in the past. Often these prospects have the budget and the influence that can quicken your success. Finally, high pay-off tasks often involve an element of risk. Playing it safe and sitting on the sidelines never won the game, so look for ways to take calculated risk in your business.

Finally, befitting their name, high-payoff tasks have the potential to lead to high or leveraged sales. So, if you’re looking for a way to kick-start your success, consider making high-payoff tasks a priority this coming week. For assistance in determining your high-payoff tasks, schedule a complimentary session with one of my business mastery coaches. Get started here!