While focusing on where future business will come from is essential for long-term success, the “right-now money,” or low-hanging fruit, is also important to your success and sanity. To mentally prepare for this effort, think about your raving fans, previous successes and the difference you’ve made in your clients’ lives. Then jump in with confidence!

A few examples of gathering low-hanging fruit include: collecting on outstanding receivables, being proactive in your billing, making a compelling offer to the top 20% of your clients, offering prospects something that’s easy to say Yes to, looping back to previous prospects and sweeten the offer, and finally – charging more for your services! No matter which of these ideas you implement, it’s important to come from a place of abundance! Remind yourself that opportunity is everywhere and you need only make the choice to take action.

To further evaluate the state of your business and set yourself up for success, take my business innovation quiz. You may find even more low-hanging fruit within your grasp!