Having participated in the human potential movement for two decades, as an audience member and professional speaker, it has become clear to me that the true mark of a successful speaker lies not just in what happens on stage, but more importantly, how participants are changed as they head for home. How are their lives impacted? What are they inspired to do? What positive change were you a catalyst in creating?

But here’s the rub: inspiring life-long change is a tall order when your time on stage is so fleeting. Even when your content flows perfectly and your story hits home, you still need a way to create lasting change after the lights are turned off and the attendees go home.

It may seem obvious that product sales are the way to keep your message in people’s minds after you’ve left the stage, and this is true. But not just any product will do. You need a product that:

  • Brings in immediate cash.
  • Warmly welcomes new clients to your “tribe.”
  • Inspires clients to take action on your strategies.
  • Creates a life-long connection between you and the client.
  • Avoids adding to our planet’s landfill problem by offering a “green” learning alternative.
  • Delivers on your promise of helping them experience more success, happiness, and so on.

So how can we accomplish these objectives easily, cost effectively and without headaches? The answer is a multimedia, e-learning platform that:

  • Brings your content to life in a meaningful and inspiring way
  • Encourages clients to take actions on the strategies you offer
  • Holds them accountable and rewards them for every step they take
  • Is a LOW overhead and HIGH return product for you

All this can be created through the power of an E-learning Program – an online, modular learning experience that walks participants through your content, offers simple yet specific action steps, and rewards them for staying in the game. Not sure if your content is ready to go virtual? Take our Virtual Viability Survey and see how close you are to making this life-changing opportunity a reality.

After designing, perfecting and taking over 4,000 students through my custom built, state of the art e-learning platform, I started the Virtual Training Academy as a stand-alone division of Jane Deuber, International to help speakers, authors, trainers and thought leaders to customize the platform to their needs and reinvent what is possible in content delivery. The days of agonizing over a book, only to lose money in the process, are over. Our team of professionals in coaching, writing and virtual learning brings you into our family and expertly guides you to develop a high impact, fun and engaging course your clients will love, at a price point ten times higher than an e-book, a podcast or a teleconference.Make 2012 your year to “monetize your brilliance!”  make a reservation and join us for a free demonstration of our platform by emailing robin@virtualtrainingacademy.com and visit our site: www.virtualtrainingacademy.com.