Despite evidence to the contrary, a couple of myths are pervasive in the direct selling world. Allow me to be your “Myth Buster” and provide some alternative ways of looking at your business success!

Success Myth #1: Success is a numbers game. The more you do, the more you get.

Myth Buster #1: Oh really? If massive action were all it took to succeed in direct selling, there would be a lot more people at the top of your company’s pay-plan, wouldn’t there? The world we live in today responds not just to action but to the “intent” behind the action. Today’s consumers (your prospects) can smell incongruity and ill intentions from a mile away, and when they do, they are running for the hills. What creates success in direct selling today is what’s behind the actions: the intent, the energy, and the value you bring to each interaction. Your success is an internal game. The person you are being, the thoughts you are holding and the vision you are striving for – these are the things that impact the actions you take and the results you enjoy. Your mindset and emotions are your single most important factor in your success as a direct selling leader.

Success Myth #2: If the strategy worked for others in my company before, it will work for me.

Myth Buster #2: There is only one thing wrong with this theory… our culture, our economy, our prospects and life in general are not even remotely the same as they were “back then.” Therefore, how we grow our business must change as well – from how we use technology to how we share the business opportunity.

The selling and sponsoring strategies you should incorporate today must be based on who you are and what you value in life. While you may be able to force yourself to take actions that feel out of alignment with your values and personality, you will likely not do them for long. When you chose strategies for building your business that are aligned with your vision, values, and personality you will be inspired to do them consistently for a sustainable length of time – two keys to success.

It’s time to choose business-building strategies that reflect YOU! When you stop trying to be someone else and move through your day, being an authentic expression of you… THAT’S when the magic happens and the results you’ve been wanting show up.

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