As you know, running a home-based business requires maintaining a balanced life. On one hand, you may develop workaholic tendencies, checking emails at the dinner table and taking calls at all hours of the night. On the other hand, especially if you’re feeling unsure of how to proceed with your business, you may become lax and unproductive.

Working from home requires that we develop regular habits that bring balance and keep us focused. About a year ago, I created a list of daily actions that enrich my life and my work. These activities are not directly related to the day-to-day tasks of running a business, but they help me to feel at ease with myself and the way I use my time. While I have 15 items on my list now, I started with 8 or so activities that I hold sacred and important to living in alignment with my values and vision. Each item, while simple and seemingly insignificant –form the foundation for keeping myself centered, healthy and happy. When I truly embrace them, they add up to a day filled with all the things that are important to me. Here’s what I hold for each day…

  1. My morning practice
  2. Revisit vision/intentions
  3. Lemon water
  4. Supplements
  5. Power drink
  6. Exercise/movement
  7. Water, water, water!
  8. Three outreach connections
  9. Fruits & veggies
  10. “Me” time
  11. Family connect
  12. No eating after 7:30
  13. Look for the fun
  14. Gratitude and reflection
  15. No more than 80%!

Note action 15 – No more than 80%. In other words, you’re not expected to have a day in which you actually complete every item on the list – that could make you crazy! I can tell you, though, that when I have more checks, I can look back at a day that’s well lived.

What’s on the other side of sheering up your daily habits to enrich your life? Awe… so many rewards. For me it’s a sense of peace knowing that I am keeping the promises I make to myself. There is power in keeping this. When we keep the promises we make to ourselves we are acknowledging that when we take care of ourselves we are better equipped to take care of the rest of our lives.

So my invitation to you is to create your own list of daily activities that will give you a sense of balance and about your life. Try to take into account your physical, mental, emotional and intellectual health. When you write down these actions and track your progress at completing them, you put yourself in the best possible mindset to be successful in running your business.