leapHave you ever been in that place where things are humming along, results are showing up and you feel like you are really in your zone of genius?
Then, out of nowhere, you get this nudge that it’s time to change things up and take everything about your life to the next level?

If you have, you know it can be exhilarating – sensing that the next super cool evolution of YOU is just around the corner.
You also know that such a “call to evolve” can scare the Sh*t out of you, knowing that with transformation comes its natural companions of fear, discomfort and a considerable dose of failure.

Well, this is exactly where I found myself last October just after the Uncommon Business Summit. Feeling called to take a year to grow my two tech companies, Virtual Training Academy and Value Quiz, I reduced my coaching practice to a small handful of clients and put any content creation on hold. In short I turned my world upside down and embarked on an experiment in growing my businesses and ME.

It’s now been four months since the “big shift”. Foundations have been laid, sales are consistent and every day brings insights inspiring us to fine-tune what we are offering. While it looks all shiny and pretty on the outside, it’s also been a pretty rocky path behind the scenes at times. In short, this focus on growing our two tech companies pushed me way outside my comfort zone and is requiring me to grow in ways I never imagined. It’s here where you come into the picture.

This blog entry is a bit of a confession around the fact that over these last four months, I’ve not really been true to my purpose. You see, what has always made me a great coach, consultant and trainer is my willingness to get messy, make mistakes and then turn around and share what my experience has shown me. My mantra… “I do it on Tuesday and teach it on Thursday,” expresses my commitment to make your path easier by pushing the limits in my own business and then being transparent about what I’ve learned.

But the truth is, I’ve not been transparent nor vulnerable with you these last four months. I’ve kept the failures under wraps, the confusion about our process my little secret and, on the flipside, I’ve also not celebrated with you our amazing wins. I guess you could say I’ve been like OZ – pulling all the levers to create the experience but never really revealing what’s happening behind the curtain. For the next 30 days, that’s going to change.

I believe that to truly serve you I need to let you in. I need to share the good, the bad and the ugly so you can take from it what you need in order to take your business and your life to the next level. While just saying that makes me nervous, I know that in my transparency, I will be served as well as you.

So friends, for the next 30 days, I commit to share my experience of scaling my three businesses while I simultaneously step into the next evolution of me. My hope is that it serves you, entertains you and forever changes the way you see and grow your business.  I’ll do this with a daily blog of about 250 words and more frequent shares in Facebook. There… I said it. No turning back now, baby. 😉

So dear tribe, please tell me what you think. Does this interest you? Do you feel you would gain value from me pulling back the curtain? If yes, let the games begin!