Welcome to Day 3 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

day3It’s early Saturday morning and since I have committed to 30 straight days of blogging, I’m using my weekend blogs to muse about what my soul desires and what I am creating through these three businesses.

This morning my attention is drifting to Value Quiz, the youngest of my three businesses and the one that holds the greatest potential for massive expansion. While on the outside it may look like a technology tool, it’s actually a stealth tool for transforming the way experts “connect with” and “court” their tribe. We do this with customized online assessments that help experts better understand what their tribe needs and then personalize their e-communication so prospects feel seen, understood and inspired to take action. It’s powerful, innovative and has the potential to change the way we all market on line.

Friends in my inner circle know I have some BIG decisions to make regarding this business. While I birthed the company and ushered it through the often tumultuous infant stage, my gut is telling me I’m not the person to take it to maturity – or at least not alone.

So the questions I am sitting with are… “How does one invite in a co-creator of something you feel so much ownership around?” “How do you make space for new thoughts, ideas and genius when you are used to doing it your way?”

The answer I received was… “Jane, get crystal clear about who you already are and what you must stand for. Only then will you know what it needs to grow.”

Sensing you may need to “get crystal clear” about YOUR business, I’ve decided to share some of the components of our Freedom Plan for growing Value Quiz. I’m hoping it serves as a declaration for me and a learning moment for you.

The Mission

Our mission is to empower service-driven Experts to more effectively attract, engage and close ideal clients by harnessing the power of Assessment Marketing and allowing prospects to feel seen, understood and inspired to take action.

The Movement

To transform the way online marketing is done by setting a new standard of communication that results in the people on our lists feeling seen, understood and inspired to take next steps that are appropriate for where they are on their path towards transformation.

What We Value

We hold the following values sacred and steadfast in all our endeavors with each other, our clients and our trusted partners. When challenges arise or opportunities present themselves, we look to these core values as the guideposts of our decisions and action.


Our Guiding Principles

We understand that the work we do provides us with an opportunity to grow personally. Here are some of the things we keep in mind as we move throughout our day.

  • We respect and honor the divine brilliance of our clients and each other
  • We strive to model the very things we teach so we can lead with empathy, wisdom and authenticity
  • We attract and work only with clients who are in alignment with our company values
  • We hold each individual’s vision as possible and sacred
  • We weave playfulness and fun into the work we do

I hope this post has inspired you to declare who you are and what you stand for. As you get crystal clear, don’t keep it to yourself. Instead shout it from the rooftops. My experience is that it not only makes it more real, it also calls you to actually LIVE it.