Welcome to Day 5 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”
ArchetypeModelThe Visionary, the Evangelist, the Expert and the Leader are with me today. Have you called upon your Entrepreneurial Archetypes to help you step into your “awesome self” today?

Yesterday I explained that I end my morning practice with a look to my schedule and a calling forth of the Entrepreneurial Archetypes that will support me in being my best in every scenario that day.  This morning, this exercise was especially useful after receiving news that my mom was admitted to ICU.  It’s interesting how “life stuff” calls us to be extraordinary in our business when clients, team and prospects are depending on us no matter what is taking place. My Archetypes make me stronger.

Here’s how I use the Archetypes (a familiar band of characters) to help me be kick-ass and incredibly effective throughout my business day.

The Visionary – It’s the first day of April, a time when we as a team review our results from last month and plan our goals and objectives for this month. I’ll need my Visionary to remind me anything is possible.

The Evangelist (the marketer) – I’ve got two opportunities for her to support me today. First, I have a session with a potential client whose work is significant, broad reaching and perfect for our virtual platform.  Second, I “get” to continue my follow-up with the remarkable people I’ve met at the three events I attended in March. My Evangelist helps me be courageous, authentic and engaging in my follow up.

The Expert – With lots of coaching sessions on the books today, I get to tap into my genius to support, empower and guide my clients to take powerful steps to grow their business. My Expert is fueled by the idea of making growing a business a lot more simple and profitable for these people I truly love.

The Leader – I get to lead my team today, both on our team call and a few individual connect calls. We came up short on our March revenue goal so it’s important that I help us all look to see where we missed the mark and where we can do better. In truth, with the news of my mom, I’m not feeling I am fully equipped to RALLY the troops. I’ll be transparent and ask for them to be strong and put their revenue-generating hats on.

When you lean into the Seven Entrepreneurial Archetypes you are able to tap into your talents, genius and strength to show up as your absolute best self.  For more information on the Entrepreneurial Archetypes, visit www.eechallenge.com. It’s a super cool, 7-day dive into this powerful tool for accessing your genius.