Welcome to Day 7 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane”

shameBAs a business coach, it’s my job to help clients get clear and tell the truth about where they are, what’s working and what’s holding them back. This sort of “truth telling” enables us to get clear about what needs to change to produce better results. It’s powerful, always leads to significant shifts and can be uncomfortable at times.

I also feel I must hold myself to a higher standard and strive to “model” for others how I believe business should be done. So imagine my discomfort, realizing I had been avoiding this “truth telling” process for one of my own businesses, the Virtual Training Academy.

Mind you, the Virtual Training Academy has been growing steadily. We have a constant stream of perfect clients for whom we have built dozens of online academies.Our client care and the technology is unparalleled, creating a state-of-the-art, raving fan student experience with the highest completion rates in the industry. Our clients are thrilled and helping to spread the news.

My big GULP moment came when I went to our website and looked at it through fresh eyes…

  • Yikes… has it really been 3 years since the copy has been updated?
  • Grrr… it’s missing all our raving fan testimonials we’ve worked so hard to earn.
  • Umm… the marketing message doesn’t begin to describe the value we now understand we offer.
  • Ugh… the copy is not only confusing, there is way too much of it

OK… I KNOW you want to go look at the site, but please stay with me for the AHA and then go look. It will be revamped by the end of April. lol

So here’s what I want you to know…

  • You are NOT alone. We all have stuff we have let slide in our business and need to address.
  • You can’t fix what you don’t see is broken. Denial never serves you in business.
  • There is power in telling the truth. The discomfort becomes the fuel to finally address what you’ve been putting off.
  • There is freedom in coming clean and getting excited about what’s possible.
  • Being proactive produces energy and makes you feel good about yourself and your business.

I’m curious… where in your business are you in denial? Is it a project you are putting off, a missing link in your sales process, an opportunity you are letting slide or a website that needs to be revamped? Whatever it is, be your own “truth teller” and slide it under the microscope. While it may feel uncomfortable at first, you’ll move through it and get to that exhilarating place of possibility that will drive you to take the steps you need to take.

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