Welcome to Day 10 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane”

shhh2As a business strategist and through my two tech companies, I’m in the business of helping people create the results they desire.

From helping write a plan to turn their business vision into a reality to providing technology tools that grow their business, I LOVE helping people create what they want.

Perhaps this is the reason it kills me to see well-meaning, sharp individuals unconsciously creating their own demise.

Your words are blocking your success

I hear it all the time from friends and clients… “I’m feeling overwhelmed, my marketing isn’t working, I don’t have enough leads or I’m never going to get it all done.” Through our words we are capable of doing untold damage, the least of which is perpetuating a lack of success, repelling people and opportunities and squelching our sense of hope and determination that keeps us in the game.I get it. It’s a habit more than anything and for many of us it’s a long standing habit. But what if I could give you one small tip that would allow you to eliminate this habit from your life forever?

The Magic of “And so shall it be!”

Years ago I recognized the power of my words and pledged to stop the habit of talking about things I did not want to manifest in my life and business. I succeeded by adding a short, simple and silent phrase at the end of any statement about my life, business, body, circumstances… you name it. Here’s how it works…

If I said, “I’m looking forward to a really productive day.” I’d silently say to myself “and so shall it be.” This allowed me to check in on whether I actually wanted to manifest the very thing I just said. In this case, sure… I want to have a kick-ass productive day. Done!

Let’s test drive this on another common phrase… “Wow, I feel so overwhelmed, I don’t think I’ll ever catch up.” “And so shall it be.” Checking I’d then ask, do I actually want that to be my experience? Umm… not so much. OK, cancel that! Slowly I began to catch myself when I’d speak about what I did not want in my life. Not only did I break the habit, I’ve also shifted my perspective of life, my circumstances and the power I have to create whatever I want.

Starting today, begin to acknowledging the power of your words by saying silently to yourself “and so shall it be” when you make a statement about your circumstances, emotions, or life in general. Then imagine your spoken words are like magical commands to a higher power that bring them into reality. In very little time you will have kicked the habit of speaking what you don’t want into your reality.