Welcome to day 18 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

18Yesterday a new addition to my database sent me this email… “Jane, I am appreciating your daily blogs and enjoy hearing how you navigate the inner workings of growing a business. But what I really need are strategies for creating revenues!
My sales are down even though I am working a lot and I can’t seem to keep an admin for the life of me. I offer strategy sessions but not many are taking me up on it. Help I need to create sales!”

I get it! When sales are slow and cash flow is tight, it’s easy to think that the answer is “another sales producing strategy.” But the truth is, that may be only part of the problem. So often I see small business owners on the hamster wheel – staying busy, trying one strategy after another, but not really getting any traction. They stay up late, work longer hours and sacrifice their personal time in the name of creating revenues. I know – because I’ve done this! There have been countless times, in my 28 years, when fear won over trust and I found myself on the very same hamster wheel. Even today, while growing three businesses, one of them always needs a bit more than I can give or is in a “revenue slump.” During these times it’s all I can do to keep from giving up my daily run with Boomer, forgetting to make the “super smoothie” or forgoing my walk to the beach with Mario. My need to “fix it” or “get the cash in the door” beckons me to drive myself even harder.

Taking care of yourself and doing the “inner work” is just as much a revenue producing task than making a call to a high potential prospect or launching a new product. Getting enough sleep, eating right, taking time for a morning practice – these things change the way you “show up.” They fuel you with energy, inspire courageous actions and enable you to attract the people and opportunities that will lead to the revenues you are wanting. The flip side of exhaustion, sleep-deprivation, panic and being out of shape actually repels the very opportunities you crave.

So just for today, take time to be in nature, drink lots of water, eat really well go inward for at least 10 minutes. Then watch what happens. While the new clients may not line up immediately, how you show up for the day will be transformed. A state of abundance, rather than lack, is a powerful revenue-producing tactic.

By the way… I promise these last 12 days will offer up a great big dose of revenue producing ideas you can take to the bank! Inner work without courageous action won’t get you to your dream.

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