Welcome to day 19 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

Perseverance1Funny thing about having your own business… it requires that you put yourself out there, extend lots of offers, and invite people to play in your sandbox. This process of extending invitations, by its very nature, sets you up for being ignored, rejected and disappointed. Yikes!

Today I am sitting with a number of disappointments that rolled in these past few days like the waves on the beaches here in Pebble Beach. One was a flat out NO, another a NOT YET and a third we lost to a competitor. While the missed revenues are not fun, it’s a bigger sense of sadness and frustration I am sitting with right now.

The NO: I feel sad that as a result of us not being able to inspire a YES, their clients in turn, will not have the opportunity to experience a greater understanding of where they are and why things aren’t working for them. Because we were not able to move them into action, others will miss out on the gift of clarity an assessment can bring.

The NOT NOW: I am worried that every day this company is not offering our content through our online delivery platform, the people they are here to serve will remain confused, frustrated and un-inspired to take action on their goals.

Competitor: OK, this one is frustrating because not only do they have countless hours of technology headaches ahead of them, we know the resulting course will not offer their students the guidance, inspiration and support they need.

So why am I telling you all this? Because rejection, disappointment and frustration are a natural part of playing this game of business and you CANNOT let it stop you. The bigger the game you are playing, the more offers you need to extend and the more rejection you will experience. The trick is in how you deal with the disappointment, where you put your attention and what steps you take next.

Today I will re-group and reflect on what happened in each scenario. I’ll find things we could have done differently and I’ll remember how blessed we are to be serving the amazing clients we already have.  Then, I’ll gather the team, remind them of the vision we are working toward and we will all take our next steps together.

Today, stop and notice what you are feeling as you navigate the growing of your business. Acknowledge the sadness, frustration and disappointment you feel so it can pass through you like water in a rushing river.  Only then can you turn your attention to the next opportunity that just might be the YES that you are supposed to do, rather than that one that just slipped through your fingers. ;0)

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