Welcome to day 20 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

imbackIn yesterday’s blog I shared with you my experience of the inevitable disappointments that come with growing a business. My intent was to not only process the feelings for myself, but to also show you that no matter how long you’ve been at this game, sh*t still happens.

I also wanted to model for you the practice of allowing the feelings to come rather than mindlessly moving to the “next thing.” What was interesting was the emails I received from those who were concerned. The common thread was a genuine curiosity about how I was moving through it.

So today I’m writing about the “Art of the Bounce Back” and how these four simple steps enabled me to return to my center again.I fully expressed the disappointment.  While this time it was to the world via my blog, typically I reach out to an inner circle friend – someone with whom I can be kick-ass brilliant one moment and a blubbering mess the next. Their view of me is steadfast and strong so I never have to wear my game-face.

I got out and breathed. I am blessed to live in one of the most breathtaking places on earth. So yesterday I headed to my favorite look-out point where I could hear the birds and seals, feel the sun on my face and hear the waves crashing.  Funny how life’s dramas seem so small when you are in the magnetic presence of God.

I went to VISION. In the early days of building our first business, Mario and I had a regular practice we called our “vision walk.”  Whenever things seemed bleak or we missed an important goal, we would go on a walk and simply talk about our desires. We would talk about what we saw for the future and imagine the possibilities until we could feel our hearts and minds at peace.

I went to work. After the reflection, breathing and visioning… I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. I started with emails, had a call with a team member and then dove into one of our bigger, more exciting projects – the rebranding of the Virtual Training Academy. We’re going all out with a new name, fresh messaging and a slick new website that will strengthen our position in the virtual training space. It felt good. Shortly, I found myself looking forward, not back, and the disappointments of the morning had lost their power over me.

So what are your bounce back strategies? What do you do to bring yourself to a place of hope and optimism? Whatever they are… keep them close because if you are up growing a business, you are going to need them. ;0) Here’s to the art of bouncing back!

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