Welcome to day 21 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

BoredomOne of the biggest risks that established business owners face is… complacency. You get comfortable with “the way things are” and fall into a false sense of security believing the revenues will keep on flowing in if you just keep doing what you are doing.

Not so! In today’s ever-changing economy, the only thing that is constant is change. As a business owner, you need to be constantly evolving and looking for the next enhancement that will strengthen your sales message, out-shine the competition and enable you to deliver mind-blowing results to your clients.

Since I’ve been at this entrepreneurial game for 28 years, you’d think this is part of my DNA. Again… not so!  I’m just as susceptible to complacency as anyone. In fact, I’ve noticed it happened with one of my companies, the Virtual Training Academy.  While our sales systems are working and happy clients are referring new business, I know to ensure our success 1 year from now, we need to be innovating TODAY.

So in keeping with my promise to be transparent, I am letting you in on the Six Steps my team and I are taking to “re-launch” the Virtual Training Academy.  I hope it inspires you to breathe new life into your own business.

Step 1: We Got Honest
We took a close look and admitted that our brand, messaging and sales funnel hadn’t evolved along with us. We now have a deeper understanding of the pains of our market and the solutions to take them away. But our messaging hadn’t evolved so our potential clients could see the breadth of what we offer.

Step 2: We Got Curious
We set out to learn what our competition was offering that we weren’t. Going forward, not only will we continue to deliver where they don’t, we’ll also match what they do, leaving us with a stronger competitive advantage.

Step 3: We Walked in Their Shoes
In this step we got up close and personal with our current clients, asking why they originally said yes and how we are measuring up to their expectations. This is always a little unnerving by nature, but a powerfully beneficial step for us. We listened, affirmed and made a list of things we could implement to move the company forward.

Armed with tons of valuable insights and potential for improvement, we moved on to the remaining three steps…
Step 4: Be Bold & Innovative
Step 5: Don’t Obsess, Take Action
Step 6: Tell the World

But I’m afraid I’m out of room for today! Check back tomorrow for the inside scoop on the final steps of our “Revolutionary Re-Vamp” of the Virtual Training Academy.

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