Welcome to day 22 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

22It’s been an interesting few days for me. As we prepare to re-brand my company that builds online learning academies for thought leaders, I tasked myself with a “Sherlock Holmes” type assignment to take a close look at other companies that also play in the virtual training space.  I know that to solidify our place in this niche, we must better understand the landscape in which we play.

In the past, a close look at the marketplace (no matter which industry) often conjured up feelings of inadequacy or sense I wasn’t measuring up. If you’ve ever done the same you know it’s not fun and can dampen your enthusiasm or slow your forward movement. But this time around, it felt different.  At first, their websites seemed cooler, their messaging spot on, and their testimonials seemed to point to the places we need to improve. But then, as I looked beyond all that, I began to see what I’ll refer to here as “the differentiation of genius.”

“Launch your course in 5 days or less!” “The least expensive way to get your content online, fast!” They are all about speed and ease.

So I checked in…. Is that really what we want to offer? Is getting the information up fast and cheap really what we are about?

The answer was an emphatic, NO! In 9 years of delivering courses online, I’ve learned that prospects don’t get their credit card out to buy our information – what they are investing in is the lasting transformation our information can provide. We all have more PDfs and MP3s on our hard drives and inboxes than we will ever consume. What clients are yearning for is a well-designed course that will move them through their blocks, spark new beliefs, impart new habits, and create the shifts they desire.

Through my research I’ve discovered what we stand for. We build quality courses for experts who want to provide an inspiring student experience that is artfully designed, tracks student progress, nudges those who fall behind, monitors goal achievement and rewards those who excel. This is what students need and this is what we specialize in.

It feels good to be so clear, confident and proud of our mission to empower global transformation by enabling talented thought leaders the opportunity to transform their offline content into an unparalleled course experience that provides recurring revenue while forever changing the lives of their students.

What could you gain from taking a close look at others in your niche? What innovative ideas could you add to your offer? What clarity will you gain regarding your competitive advantage? My nudge is DO IT! You’ll find there is room for everyone and best of all, you’ll discover your “differentiation of genius.”

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