Welcome to day 23 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

BrainYesterday I did something that many would call “crazy.” I spent 2 hours training the staff of a company that could be considered my competition. In two value packed hours, I shared insights, which have taken us over 9 years to understand, about how to excel in the area of virtual course delivery and offered advice on pitfalls to avoid and opportunities to leverage.

Why would I offer up some of our best “intellectual know-how” to someone who plays in the same sandbox as we do? Because of something I call “conscious collaboration.” I live from a belief that one can never really “own” an idea and being generous with information that will move the industry forward, in the end comes back to me in a Karmic loop of goodness and contribution.On top of that, this competitor was referred to me by Eben Pagan who has a Rolodex of the most enlightened, caring and collaborative thought leaders in the industry. They also serve a very small percentage of clients within the virtual training niche and require an Alexa rating and book publishing history that represents maybe 5% of this market. They turn down about 5 really great authors a month who are well-established and ready to take their content virtual – just the people we are looking to serve.

Can you see the opportunity? By providing this company with our proprietary knowledge on how to excel in the virtual training space, we not only further our corporate mission to up-level how experts impact transformational change through their virtual programs, we also create a solid referral relationship with a company that will bring a continual stream of referrals to my company, the Virtual Training Academy.

Is there a risk they might eventually expand the definition of those they serve and encroach into our space and become our direct competitor? Yes there is a risk. But one of the principles we live by is generosity, in the name of impacting global transformation. SO if we can help them serve their clients better and in turn find a handful of ideal clients we can serve along the way, I’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal for all parties involved.

Where might you have an opportunity to be generous with people who play in your same sandbox? How could furthering the mission of your niche come back to serve you?

Today, take about 15 minutes to check out your competition who is playing one of the biggest games in your very same market. Then ask yourself, how you might be able to support and serve them? Who knows… you may stumble on a Conscious Collaboration that provides a never ending stream of clients that are perfect for you!

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