Welcome to day 24 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

salesI’ve been questioning lately, what it really means for a company to commit to a mission. Not just on paper or in a business plan, but to live and breathe it. What I discovered is a mission (at least ours) is born out of pure desire which fueled the fire when we first began.

My company, Value Quiz, was born out of my desire to create meaningful connections with the people on my list – ensuring they felt seen, understood and inspired to take courageous action and address what’s holding them back.

It’s something we refer to in our world as Conscious Conversion and it requires you are 1) totally present to the emotional experience your prospect is having, 2) 100% committed to helping them find the right solution to their challenges and 3) completely unattached to whether or not they say YES.

But how can we be unattached when there is so much riding on getting a yes?To help myself and my team practice Conscious Conversion, we established five foundational principles – a checkpoint for how we show up in the sales process allowing us to bring our highest and best selves to every conversation.

Principle #1: Service

When you approach the sales process with an intention to serve, you recognize that in every interaction you have the ability to contribute in some positive way to the life of another.

Principle #2: Authenticity

When you come to each sales encounter being exactly who you are, you create an environment of trust, inspiring the prospect to be equally authentic and willing to explore openly where they are and what they need.

Principle #3: Integrity

When you maintain your integrity in any sales situation, you operate from your highest values, making for a more meaningful encounter, instilling a sense of belief that you  are someone others can count on to do the right thing.

Principle #4: Abundance

When you come from the belief both you and the prospect are whole and endlessly resourceful, you help them stand in possibility rather than lack. This empowers them to find solutions to get where they want to be.

Principle #5: Commitment

When you remain committed to supporting the prospect to move toward the highest expression of one’s self, you are steadfast in your ability to support them through the fears, doubts and financial worries often standing in the way of a YES.

So the million dollar question is… how do these principles show up in your approach to sales?  Are you coming from a place of trust or are you holding too tightly to what you want?

To find out, take the Five Day Challenge and review these five principles before stepping into any sales conversation. Notice how it impacts the outcomes you create.

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