Welcome to day 26 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

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6chicksToday I’m sharing a story that provides proof of what’s possible when like-minded people come together to accomplish something important, yet seemingly impossible.

It was 4:30 pm on Friday – the second day of Adam Urbanski’s Breakthrough event. I was there as a sponsor to share the benefits of Value Quiz.
Given all I am juggling I had not been able to sit in on all the sessions.

So I decided to peek in for the wrap-up of the day. I’d then scoot out and meet with Sherri to strategize on an upcoming launch.

“Get into groups of Six.” Adam instructed.

Always up for a cool exercise, I found five other women who happened to be standing nearby. “Your task,” Adam explained, “is to use the next 4 hours to 1) produce a product 2) select a charitable cause and 3) raise as much money as you can.” He then laid down the rules, one of which was that if any member of the team bowed out… the whole team was out of the game.

In truth, I was not a happy camper. I had envisioned an evening of catching up and refueling, not this. As I saw myself going down the “I’m screwed” path… I decided to get curious. What’s possible here? How is this going to play out? Why am I here for THIS exercise, with THIS group of women? I  surrendered to the possibilities.

The next 4 hours were nothing short of miraculous. Six women, all successful in their own right, with the simple goal of raising money for a great cause. Within about 30 minutes we had named our group… “Six Chicks on a Mission.” Within 45 minutes we had chosen the recipient of whatever funds we would collect… Rising International.  Within 90 minutes we had defined the offer… a tele-summit that would impart the wisdom of each participant.

With the name, cause and product defined like a well-oiled machine we each began to contribute our genius. Donna created the webpage. Debra-Sue created the Paypal link. Erika lent her support to those who were creating their training topic. And so it went, each one contributing whatever the project required with kind, enthusiastic intent. We were “Six Chicks on a Mission” and it was pretty cool.

Kathy was the first to start the flow of money. “I’m not going to wait for the link to be ready,” she said. “I’m going to start asking.” Within 60 seconds of sending a text she heard back… “Yes! Where do I donate?”

Like a spark that ignites a flame, we were fueled by this instant success. We began a “texting frenzy” to friends, family and acquaintances. Whispers of “woohoo” rang out from Carol and the rest of us as we inspired more to commit.

Erika broke our “belief ceiling” when she reported a $400 donation. As we came down to the finish line and needed a final push, my friend Lisa Sasevich came in with $580, which pushed us over the $4000 mark. It definitely pays to have friends with generous hearts and a competitive spirit!

In the end, it’s not that we won the challenge. The gift we all received was the pure joy of what happens when like hearts and minds come together to do something important.

I’m grateful to my friend, Adam Urbanski, for the opportunity to push beyond my boundaries, do good for a noble cause and learn more than I could ever imagine.

If you want to know what those lessons are… check back tomorrow when I will bottom line the big AHAs from my “Six Chicks on a Mission” experience.

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