Welcome to day 27 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

UnstoppableConnectionsIf you read my last blog you know I was recently challenged, along with 5 other women to 1) produce a product 2) select a charitable cause and 3) raise as much money as we could in only 4 hours on a Friday night.
What resulted was nothing short of miraculous… $4000 raised for Rising International and a “team building experience” that will forever shape how we each lead our teams.

Priceless lessons came from this experience, and I’m detailing them here so we can all apply them to our next business project where the stakes are really high.

So what made this team unstoppable?1. Mutual Respect – While most had never met or worked with each other, we trusted that the group was divinely designed and looked for strengths and talents each one could contribute.

Lesson: Hold team members whole, resourceful and capable of contributing in a significant way and they will rise to the challenge.

2. A Shared Goal – It was clear from the start we wanted to win the challenge. Surprisingly, I’m not a very competitive person but I found the other’s desire to win fueled my own.

Lesson: Surround yourself with people who want to win and let their drive rub off on you.

3. A Common Cause – Our charity was resonant with the interests and values of the group – raising money for women at risk around the world. It felt big, significant and exciting.

Lesson: When you step outside your comfort zone to accomplish a goal, make your WHY big enough that you are willing to take rejection, look silly or feel uncomfortable.

4. Action Trumped Analysis – There were plenty of places we could have over thought the process or been slowed by perfection, but there just wasn’t time. When one would get nervous about it not “being perfect”, others would remind us that “good enough is good enough.”

Lesson: Assign crazy short deadlines for projects so that you’re forced to just get it done. There’s always time to fine-tune, but birthing it is 90% of the game.

Bonus Lesson: Be sure to balance your team with action oriented people to bring a proactive tone to any project.

5. Success Breeds Success – Something magical happened when we received our first unequivocal… YES! It was the universal thumbs up we needed to tap into our courage and start asking.

Lesson: Go for an early win in any project or launch. The excitement and affirmation becomes fuel for the next request, and then the next.

6. Live In Possibility – Not once did we question the mission, our process or the outcome. We spoke only words of encouragement and possibility to each other, creating an energetic vibration where the impossible became possible.

Lesson: Live in possibility by surrounding yourself with like-minded people who understand the power of our thoughts and words.

I feel blessed to have been a part of this experience made possible by my friend and mastermind partner Adam Urbanski and will live these lessons in the work that I do.

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