Welcome to day 28 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

Momentum1Business success is simple… 1) find something a lot of people really want, 2) systemize your sales process so sales keep flowing in and 3) devise a process for delivery so clients experience the results you promise.

The problem is, if we get lazy in any step the momentum slows, the mojo disappears and sales slack off. This is exactly what happened with one of my companies, the Virtual Training Academy. Luckily, we recognized it early and responded with a full-throttle attack to innovate, re-ignite and re-launch the company in LESS than 4 weeks.

Guessing you might need a little “Momentum Mojo” I’ve decided to share the 4 things we did to breathe new life and sales into a program that was doing “just OK.

  1. We identified our “sweet spot.” In an earlier blog I shared my journey of researching our market, feeling the pain of comparison and deciding where we would stand in our niche. Finding your unique position in your market is liberating and profitable. Is it time for you to do the same?
  2. We set out to do the impossible. Instead of simply matching the competition we asked… “What do our clients need, that if provided, would inspire an instant YES?” What resulted was an expansion of our done-with-you model. We’re now offering a solution that holds the client’s hand through each step of the journey from A to Z. Where in your business could you walk more intimately with your client to ensure their ultimate success?
  3. We made it more fun for ME. There’s a saying, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” While it applies to family dynamics, it holds some truth in business as well. As the owner my “mojo” sets the pace of success for the entire team. When I’m excited and have an unshakable belief in the difference we can make for our clients, I am outrageously courageous and do what’s necessary to create success. When I’m bored or feeling disconnected, sales grind to a halt. The big aha for me came when I realized I missed working directly with our virtual course clients. Realizing this, we’ve re-structured our course creation offer to include more of ME in the process. (Yippee!)
  4. We are re-igniting through a re-launch. To commemorate this next evolution of a service we have offered for 5 years, we’ve decided to make a splash with a re-launch under a new brand… Course Concierge. While this will certainly grab the attention of potential clients, it’s mostly for me and my team. By acknowledging the re-birth of something that feels fresh, new and even more valuable to our ideal clients, we will re-ignite our own excitement inspiring us to be more deliberate in our marketing efforts. It’s a win for everyone!

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