Spiritual_Energy1The other day a friend said to me… “You’re a master manifestor, Jane. For years I’ve watch you start new businesses with a sense of certainty. There is never a doubt as to whether your vision will come to be – only a question of when and how.” She then shared an analogy. “When I walk into a room and flip the light switch, I never doubt or worry whether the light will go on. I expect it to.
That’s how you are with each new venture. You believe that if you flip the switch, it will come to be.”

I thought about this a bit and here’s what I found… my success in starting new ventures lies in the first and most important steps I always take… I craft a clear, compelling, written vision that becomes the seed for my success.

In the event you could use a little business-creation magic, here is a look at my vision crafting model that has helped thousands of business owners take their first steps to success.

  1. THOUGHTS: Your business vision begins with desire that shows up in the form thoughts. “Wouldn’t it be incredible if…”, “I’ve always wanted to…” or “If I could have my business be what I really want, it would…” It’s in this first step we give ourselves permission to want, contribute and have more. The more we let these thoughts marinate in a sense of possibility, the more courage we muster to move to the next step.
  2. WORDS: In this step we declare what we want to create by expressing our desire through the written and spoken word. We breathe life into our vision talking and writing about it – making it real. The more detail with which you express what you want to create, the more courage and clarity you gain.
  3. PICTURES: In this step your business vision takes on depth and shape as you form images in your mind’s eye of what your business will look like when the vision becomes a reality. If visualization is new to you, ask yourself what it will look and feel like when you have arrived at where you want to be.
  4. NUMBERS: I’ve found this step of wrapping numbers around your vision to be one of the most important steps one can take when starting or growing a business. The act of using an Excel spreadsheet to imagine where the money will come from and when it will come not only makes the vision real, but serves as a potent motivator to do the work that needs to be done.

So, as you look to where you want your business to be 6 months from now, be sure to tap into the manifesting power of clarifying your vision. Your reward will be a sense of clarity and confidence that what you want, wants you!