globehand1Let’s face it… delivering content through physical or simple downloadable means is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  As a coach, trainer, speaker or author you need to understand why.

First, most clients are not completing the programs they buy from us. When they don’t complete they not only miss the opportunity to experience the results we promise, they leave feeling more discouraged than when they came having one more investment they haven’t really used.

Second, the world is going digital – especially personal growth content. This shift in consumer expectations requires that we deliver our programs in a way that is convenient, compelling and inspires completion and implementation.

Third, the world is “going green’. The less excess packaging your product represents the more your customer will respect you and respond to your offer as a green learning alternative.Forth, clients don’t want your information – they want YOU! Whether you meet them online or at a live event, prospects understand that to experience the results they want, they need more than a book, video series or home study course. They need you to walk them through your process, step-by-step, giving them encouragement and feedback along the way. THIS is what our clients want.

Because of this, many of us are coaching one-on-one and creating astounding results with our clients. While this is exciting, it presents some additional problems…

1)      We miss the chance to serve those who can’t afford to coach with us privately

2)      There isn’t enough of you to go around

3)      It’s not a business model that brings revenues in without you working so hard


So what IS the answer?

The answer is to take your proven process into a multi-media, e-learning platform that…

  • Re-produces the experience of you by bringing your content to life in a meaningful and inspiring way.
  • Inspires clients to consume your content, take actions on what they learn and experience the results you promise.
  • Holds clients accountable and rewards them for every step they take.
  • Brings a constant flow of revenue that requires you to very little – or nothing at all.
  • Enables you to create recurring revenues through white-labeling, train the trainer programs and licensing.

I know because I’ve been doing all of these things for 9 years and generated over a million in online learning revenues. I’ve done this using a proprietary e-learning platform built for me by my husband. During that time I’ve delivered 15 virtual courses, licensed numerous programs and built state-of-the-art online academies for 35 experts who are singing the praises of our powerful program. Our course design and delivery service is like no other and allows you to reach more people, create recurring revenues and create a learning experience that produces raving fans who can’t wait to buy more.

If I’ve sparked an interest in taking your proven process virtual, watch for tomorrow’s blog were I will share proven secrets to endless profits by taking your content virtual. You can also take a peek behind the scenes of our state-of-the-art course delivery platform by grabbing a seat on a live, small group demo here: You’ll come away ready to take your content virtual!