_r2_c2Since my post on manifesting the business you want through “Vision Crafting,” I’ve gotten a ton of emails from people sharing that the “vision thing” isn’t so easy for them. I get it! Creating a clear, compelling, written vision of a business that’s aligned with your values and infused with the freedom and abundance you desire doesn’t come naturally for those who were brought up to not “ask, expect or want” what might be out of one’s reach.

I can remember back to my college days, after I selected “East Asian Studies” as my major. One of the biggest arguments I ever had with my dad was about goal setting. “But daddy, I don’t want to set goals. I want to go where I feel drawn. I want to follow my passion!” This drove my entrepreneurial father nuts. To this day, my mom still chuckles at the irony of that moment, as today, I’m a huge proponent of the power of vision and goal setting when it comes to creating the life you desire.So in this blog I am offering two simple, yet significant, Invitations on vision crafting… ideas that will get your vision-crafting juices flowing. At first glance, they seem simple, but once you try them you’ll find that they are powerful conduits to giving yourself permission to see, articulate and create what your heart truly desires.

Invitation #1: Create an Inspiring Environment

To create a compelling vision you’ve got to disconnect from your day-to-day world. Find a quiet, comfortable and inspiring place where you will not be interrupted. Add elements that make you happy such as music, water, a candle, a cup of tea or a glass of wine.  In short you are creating your own self-made sanctuary for creating the life and business you want. The more resonant you feel with your environment, the more your heart will open to what’s possible.

Invitation #2: Express Your Gratitude 

Imagine yourself, 6 months from now, standing in the life and business you love. Imagine how it feels to be making the contribution you are making, earning the income you desire and being surrounded by people you love.

From this imaginary place, write a letter to yourself celebrating all the cool things that are happening in your business and your life. Honor all it took for you to get here and share how it feels to have come so far and accomplished so much.

No matter where you are on your Vision Crafting path, simply know that it is hands down, the single most important tool for manifesting the life you love. So make time for it. Give yourself permission to revel in what you desire and then slowly, take steps to make it your reality. It’s not just possible – it’s your destiny.