If you are a coach, consultant, trainer or speaker who is delivering our life-changing content on line, I’ve got some important questions about HOW you are delivering your content.

» Are you so excited to give clients what you know they need that you rush to the how and skip over the all-important why?

» Are you so sure of what your client needs that you fail to gather the information that could infuse your programs with insight, revelation and mind-blowing intimacy – even in a virtual environment?

» Are you so anxious to deliver your message that you skip past creating a shared understanding so clients have a sense of safety, clarity and excitement?If you are like most thought leaders, the answer is YES to all three.

I know this because I am one of you. We want so badly to impact significant change in the lives of our clients that we often move too quickly into “the process” and forget that our #1 responsibility is to manage our client’s experience as they work with us. Whether we are coaching one-on-one or delivering a tele-training to hundreds, taking care of our clients “emotionally” as we give them what they need to create change is the single most important thing we can provide.

I’m blogging about this today because over the past week, I’ve had the privilege of ushering 12 of our Course Concierge clients through a process of putting their proven content into a virtual course experience that will reach more clients and generate consistent recurring revenues. No matter what the topic was I saw the same pattern… not enough foreplay! These well-meaning Change Agents were so committed to “telling” clients what they needed to know and do, that they forgot the importance of enrolling clients into the process so they would play full out no matter what.

Foreplay in a “virtual training” environment…

  1. Connect on a personal level – This is typically in the form of a video that welcomes, acknowledges and directs your incoming students.
  2. Have them assess where they are – We do this through an online assessment that allows students to rate where they are on any given topic, on a scale of 1 to 10. It provides a starting point upon which they can improve.
  3. Give them a chance to express – After connecting with where they are, it’s important to allow students to express where they want to be at some time in the future. We typically use a 6 month benchmark, asking 8 questions that inspire them to craft a vision of where they will be as a result of being in this course.
  4. Solidify their WHY – This typically happens in Module 1 where trainers walk clients through steps that solidify their resolve to take the steps you are suggesting.

We have a saying here at Course Concierge… “How they begin determines how they finish.” You have an opportunity to incorporate this insight by revamping the first one or two steps of your virtual learning experience or… checking out our step-by-step process that takes the technology out of your hands while infusing you with course design guidance that ensures your virtual training success.

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