monetize1If you read yesterday’s blog you know that on July 7th I embarked on a 12 month experiment I’m calling Seven Figures in Seven Hours.

You see, my team and I are going for our fiscal year goal of 1 million in revenues. Now that may not seem too earth shattering given that I’ve got a few businesses and a small support team. But there are two elements that make this challenge juicy and exciting for us. First, seven figures represents a doubling of our sales over last year. Last October we launched a new business called Value Quiz. As we gave the “new baby” time and attention, sales naturally slowed in other areas, so reaching the 1 million mark will require us to stretch.  But there’s another caveat to the challenge… I’m committing to work a maximum of 35 a week to make this happen – one half of what I’ve been clocking in an average week.

What prompted this experiment was an “aha moment” that came while reading a book by Ariana Huffington, called “Thrive”. It was then fueled by the insider knowledge that the majority of people in my world who are killing it in sales and market reach, are also working like a DOG to make it happen. One colleague shared that she didn’t care how much time or money it took, she was determined to get to seven figures. Hmmm… doesn’t sound like a win to me.

So, what am I doing differently to double our revenues in half the amount of time? Well, I’m starting with these six steps …

  1. Tracking my time to really understand where it’s going
  2. Engaging my team and asking them to look for ways they can cut back too
  3. Creating a “no email zone”  by turning off notification and checking it once every hour
  4. Building in 10 minute pauses where I get up, stretch and do something that feels good
  5. Looking for projects that don’t feel resonant and saying “no thank you”
  6. Leaning into my Weekly Manifestation list (my version of a to do list) to keep me focused on my high payoff tasks

While it’s only the first day of this challenge I can already feel the benefits of feeling grounded, breathing more deeply, and being in integrity with who I am and what I want.

I’m curious… how are you feeling about the amount of time you are working to get to your goal? Are you justifying long hours in the name of your vision? Is there a belief that if you don’t work this hard you’ll never get to your goal? I’m inviting you to explore these questions and then we’ll take them on together.  As I’ve always said… awareness is the first step to powerful, lasting change.

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