overwhelm1YOU are up to something big and significant – the manifestation of your dream business. However, the act of growing any business is not for the faint of heart. It requires you to “call forth” the best version of yourself into every moment of every day so you can enroll the client, complete the project, create the alliance and empower your team – all before noon in some cases. ;0)

Here on day four of my quest to reach 7 figures in half the time I typically spend, I’m doing pretty well, having clocked 20 hours in 3 days. It’s involved saying no, giving less than 100% to tasks and a tough assessment of where we’re investing our time. I’ve also slept more, spent more time outdoors and had some really cool moments with my son, Alex. So overall, it’s been great.  But… the To Do list is growing exponentially and if I don’t continue to shift how I’m working, I’m going to find myself knee deep in missed deadlines and guilt.

So today I’m leaning into some wisdom I share in Module 3 of my course Six Steps to Sustainable Success. In it I share my favorite insights for getting more done in less time. Each one holds a wealth of opportunities for positive change so I thought I would share all five with you. Today we dive into #1. Be watching for the rest in future blogs.

Five simple ways to get more done in less time…

  1. Eliminate What Drains You
  2. Create Order In Your Environment
  3. Know Where You’re Investing Your Time
  4. Embrace Powerful Daily Habits
  5. Get control of Your Inbox

Eliminate What Drains You

Your personal power is fueled by the energy you bring to everything you do. Your energy is fueled by the thoughts and emotions you carry with you throughout your day. To consciously remain in an empowered state, you need to eliminate the things that distract, drain and deplete you.

In this step, we begin to eliminate the things in our lives that disempower rather than empower us, thereby enabling us to focus our energy on what matters most. To do this, we have to notice what people, projects, obligations and circumstances in our lives are zapping our productivity, joy, focus and excitement.

Step 1: We often move through our day not noticing what drains us, so in this step we observe what triggers a reaction, diverts our attention, zaps our joy or derails us emotionally.

Step 2:
Determine what you can influence and what you can’t.
Where you have no control – shift your “perception”
Where you have control – make a change, break the pattern and choose something different

Step 3: Re-negotiate or eliminate it all together. Where are you settling? Where has business as usual lulled you into a state of acceptance when you actually have the power to change? Find these and take action.

Step 4: Celebrate the spirit of Kaizen… where small incremental improvements add up to significant lasting change.

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