Each December, my team and I set aside time to run through our year-end ritual to prepare ourselves for another kick ass year.  It includes a smattering of reflection, celebration and getting clear about what went well and what can change. Not only does this give us special super-powers for the coming year, it also super charges our efficiency and effectiveness as a team, not to mention how it infuses us with a sense of clarity, excitement and commitment that catapults us into the New Year.

How about you? Do you have a year-end-ritual for reflection and celebration? Without it, you can’t move on to Step 2 where we create a clear compelling vision for your best year yet.

I’ve discovered that for every hour we spend getting clear on our vision and creating a plan, we save about 5 hours in execution due to our ability to take action and make decisions with confidence. We also enjoy the ease of stepping into a New Year feeling excited and committed to bring the vision into reality.

While you don’t need a long, laborious business plan for success in 2015, you do need to have a clear compelling vision of exactly what you want to create in the coming year. How do you find that out? It resides in the corners of your subconscious, tucked away in your heart and rooted in your secret desires.

Because I want to unearth your desires and help you put it into a plan for 2015, I’m sharing the process we follow each December to step into the New Year with clarity, confidence and commitment.

Here it is…

Four Proven Steps to a Business Breakthrough

Step 1: Get honest about where you are and what’s working for you

Step 2: Get crystal clear about where you want to be this time next year

Step 3: Clarify what needs to happen each quarter next year to bring your vision into reality

Step 4: Commit to a new way of being so that you bring your best self to every aspect of your life

So are you ready to declare your desires and solidify your commitment to become unstoppable in the coming year?  If yes – let’s do this together. I’ve been down this path so many times and helped so many people harness the power of this ritual, I KNOW it will work for you too!

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