Lucy sets Charlie Brown straight on the meaning of life…

‘Charlie Brown, life is like a deck chair on a cruise ship. Passengers open up these canvas deck chairs so they can sit in the sun. Some people place their chairs facing the rear of the ship so they can see where they’ve been. Other people face their chairs forward – they want to see where they’re going. On the cruise ship of life, which way is your deck chair facing?’

Replies Charlie, ‘I’ve never been able to get one unfolded.’

While I’m not real fond of cruises, I am definitely one to face my deck chair in the direction I’m headed. It’s not that I don’t look to the past – I simply do it just long enough to learn from what went well and get clear on what I want to change.  Herein lies the importance of our Year-End Vision Crafting Ritual.

Why Vision Crafting Is A Must

Over my 29 years of helping entrepreneurs build businesses, I’ve heard every excuse on why they don’t have a written vision. It’s going to change anyway. They never come true for me. I’d rather just “go with the flow.”  While I get it can be an intimidating process for some, trying to run your business without a vision is as futile as me trying to get from Pebble Beach to New York City without a road map. It will not happen.

But what if you’re still not convinced and still resistant to putting on paper, where you want your business to be one year from now?

  • Do it for your support team who can’t fully contribute unless they know where you are headed.
  • Do it to reduce overwhelm and indecision during the year ahead.
  • Do it because your dreams and desires are worthy of your time and attention.
  • Do it because no matter how good you think you are… you can’t hit a target you can’t see.

When you don’t know what sales goals you want to hit, what enhancement you want to make or what products you want to launch (just to name a few), you will never have the impact nor the income you desire.  With a vision, you and your team will be inspired into action and called to bring your best and highest self to everything you do.

A Simple Vision Crafting Model

But what if this “vision thing” hasn’t worked for you in the past? My reply is just “ trust me!”  Together, we are going to walk through my four step Vision Crafting process that’s taken even the most reluctant business owners from skepticism to believer, as they clarify the path to their best year yet.  Oh and don’t miss the fourth step of my Vision Crafting Process. It’s the key differentiator between my process and any others I’ve seen and the one thing most visions are lacking. Happy vision crafting!

Click here for my personal Vision Crafting Model.