magic-wand1Calling on the Magician

Have you ever felt a little “off” but not really sure why?

There’s a part of me that’s been a little dormant lately – a part I took so much for granted that I never even claimed it. This part, I’ve found, is actually missing from any archetype model – not because it’s not important, but because it was on autopilot – always on – always in action.

We’ll call this part of me – this archetype… the Magician.

Meeting the Magician

I can appreciate the Magician today in a way I hadn’t been able to appreciate her in the past. Her never-ending drive to get the job done, her masterful way of manifesting a goal or end vision. These are just two of the traits of the Magician.

The Magician gets the job done – without angst, worry, fear or doubt.

The Magician is the part of us who can let go of perfection, yet still do their best to hold on to the end vision without stressing about how it will come about.

The Magician writes with a quick mind, returns phone calls at lightning speed and can easily discern between the tasks that are a waste of her time and those that will rapidly move her toward her goal.

I know the traits of the Magician because for years she was my identical twin. I breezed through my day “knocking off” to do items like wooden ducks at a carnival shooting range game. I’d hear in my head that beloved “ding” and feel the sweet sensation of personal productivity mastery – never even questioning whether it would be there. The Magician was my friend!

Missing in Action

About a year ago I began to notice that every now and then, the Magician would go on hiatus. Sometimes for days – sometimes for months. It’s not that I didn’t get anything done when the Magician was MIA; it just wasn’t as effortless, fun or free from doubt or fear.

So Magician, your game of hide and seek is over – I’ve got your number and I will be calling on you daily to walk alongside me.

I’ll activate my manifesting mojo through you, so I can experience that sweet sense of accomplishment that I took for granted all those years.

I’ll declare this month the month for manifestation master – and re-discover the beliefs, the behaviors skills and support I need to bring you fully front and center.

Invoking My Inner Magician

As I get reacquainted with my friend, the Magician, here are some questions I ask myself.

Beliefs – What beliefs must be present to bring her back into my days?

Behaviors – What must I do daily to call forth the actions that lead to effortless manifestation?

Skills – What skills do I need to hone in order to keep the Magician by my side?

Structure – What structure needs to be in place to support both the Magician and me?

So here I go… throughout the entire month of March where I will bring the Magician into the center of the spotlight and let her work her magic.

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