Dream VisionOne thing I’ve learned over the years is, whenever I feel the need to re-ignite my passion and activate my ability to manifest what I want, I need only to return to the vision I am holding for my life. Your vision is a purpose-driven expression of what you want your life to look and feel like at a specific time in the future, which inspires you to take daily steps towards bringing it into fruition.

My vision…

  • Engages my heart, mind and spirit in the process of creating a great life.
  • Helps me see the smaller steps and projects that will get me to where I want to be.
  • Inspires me to stay focused on taking daily actions that lead to bigger wins.
  • Gives my everyday life more significance, meaning and fun.

Yesterday we began the process of identifying the things we desire in each of the 8 areas of an extraordinary life. Using the wheel and a series of journal pages, we began to write out, in detail, the things we want to call into our experience. While in future blogs we will be focusing on our business vision, today we’re going to begin with an eagle’s eye view of the life we want to live. Too often our life experience is eclipsed by the demands of our business. Starting with a view of the life you want to live will ensure our life desires drive the vision, rather than the demands of the business.

Following, is an excerpt from a Visions Quest exercise I have my private clients complete at the onset of our work together.

Step #1: Give yourself the space and time for go on a vision quest.

Find a quiet spot where you will not be interrupted, ideally for one hour, but 30 minutes will do. By creating a comfortable and inspiring environment for this step you call in creativity and possibility. You may want to play beautiful music, light a candle, or pour a cup of tea or glass of wine to set the tone.

Step #2: Decide on the scope of your vision.

Pick a place and time in the future as your vision end point, it can be any timeframe you want – I will be creating my vision for one year from today, so I’ll be referencing one year in the step below. Write the future date at the top of a fresh page in your journal and write the following sentence beneath it (or something similar).

Today is

[future date] and as I look back over this past year, I am so incredibly grateful and proud of the year I’ve created.

Step #3: Describe what you want your life to look like on that date.

As if you had already lived this coming year, begin to celebrate in detail, how your life looks and feels in each of the eight areas of the Life Wheel. One by one, move through each area and celebrate all the good that has unfolded throughout the year. Speak of goals you achieved, shifts you made, people you connected with and experiences you had.

Tip: While I completed yesterday’s exercise in my journal, I prefer to write out my vision in a Word document, so I can make changes or additions over time. This makes it a more powerful tool for creating the life that you want.

 Step 4: Review and refine your vision.

Once you have taken a first pass at your vision, look back over it. What do you notice? What values are expressed in what you want? What people are present in your vision? What opportunities did you act upon? What projects did you complete?

Your vision will evolve over time, but even in this early stage of your Vision Quest, it holds countless clues to what you want to create in the coming year and the person you need to be to make it happen.

OK… now that I’ve shared the steps of my Vision Quest process, it’s my turn to follow through on my promise of transparency and vulnerability. In truth, I’ve got mixed emotions about sharing my vision with the hundreds of people who are on this path with me. But in the end, I sense seeing my vision will serve you in deciding what you want, so here it is.  My hope is you won’t judge me or remain too focused on what I am intending for my life next year – I’d rather you simply use it as a starting point for crafting a vision of where you want your business to be one year from now. Where you are now is perfect, just keep your eyes on where you want to end up.

As you do this, I want to know what’s coming up for you… Where do you feel blocked? What questions do you have? But most of all, I want to know how this process made you feel inside, because it’s in the emotions behind the vision where the manifesting truly begins.

To your Big Beautiful Vision!

Love, Jane