Scanned VisionOn Day 11 of the Finish Strong Challenge, I invited you to go on a Vision Quest with me.  This is hands down, the most important step you can take in your journey toward creating an extraordinary 2016.

A Vision Quest is a process I’ve used for decades, now my private clients complete it to set them up for a remarkably profitable year.  Not only does it help you get clear and connected to the year you want to live, it’s also an opportunity to dawn your superpowers cape and think boldly about what a truly kick-ass year would look like.

OK… first let’s harness the power of a little P-D-A!

Truth is, the moment I put the stake in the ground on December 1 and publicly proclaimed my intention to end the year strong and bring you along for the ride, magic started to happen.  Knowing I made a promise and the fact that lots of people would be watching to see if I kept it, inspired me to show up powerfully and get stuff done.  THAT is the power of PDA – Public Display of Accountability.

If I had kept my intention to myself and not proclaimed it publicly on December 1, I know I would not have accomplished as much as I have in these first 12 days.  I’m sure I would have walked the path, but not with the same level of clarity, commitment or sense of excitement these past 12 days have held.

Where in your life and business could a little PDA serve you? Try starting with commenting on yesterday’s blog entry on the Vision Quest. Post an intention, proclaim a win you will have or ask a question.  Then grab a buddy – someone you know will support you – and share your intention or even your vision with them. Having my team read and enhance our business vision has been a powerful, super fun process. So don’t go it alone… we’re here to cheer you on!

Now, here’s what I know about vision work…

Vision Crafting is a skill developed over time, not something everyone can easily jump into without a care or concern.  I wrote my first business vision back in 1987, when I started my first business, so I’ve had a bit of practice.  Knowing how important this is and that you may be just starting to find your “vision crafting vibe” I’ve decided to slow down today.  Together, we are going to hit the pause button and go deeper with your vision. By “sitting with” what you want 2016 to hold for you you’ll feel more connected, capable and committed to bringing it into your reality.

One way to get more connected to your vision is to look more closely and find the projects and actions that would be required to make the vision a reality.  I do this with something I call “Vision Scanning.” It’s a simple way to move from a right-brain description of what you want to a more tangible, left-brain picture of what needs to take place on the way to the vision. Here’s how it works…

  1. Grab your vision and read through it one more time. Make some tweaks or add something you missed so it continues to reflect what you want. Then, using a highlighter, scan each sentence to find the “things” you would need to create, complete or do to make that come into being. Click here to view my scanned vision.
  2. Once you have highlighted these items in your vision, transfer them over to a separate page of projects or goals you would need to complete to bring your vision into reality. Click here to view my master List of projects and goals here.
  3. Finally, sit with this list for a day or so to see what else pops up. How does it feel when you read your vision? What excites you about the projects you’ve listed? Where do you feel equipped to make it happen? Where will you need support or guidance? Just notice what comes up – that’s all you need to do. Then tomorrow we’ll take the next step together. ;0)

Are you enjoying the Finish Strong Challenge? If yes, we would love for you to share it with your tribe. Whether on social media, email or from the rooftops – we are on a mission to help more and more people… finish 2015 strong!  So they can start from day one, please be sure to share the link below to the Finish Strong Challenge journey!