Spiritual_EnergyThis morning, sitting here in the glow of the Christmas tree, my thoughts are drifting to my vision. My journal in hand, pen poised to write… I think about the year I just lived versus the year I described in the Vision Quest exercise.  The contrast is significant. We’re going for a 35% increase in revenues, an expansion of our team, more well-orchestrated campaigns and a bigger effort to play in social media. Perhaps more important is –we’ve set the intention to get it all done with a greater sense of ease, fun and grace.

So what really needs to happen to bring this vision into reality?

Yesterday’s Vision Scanning exercise pinpointed the goals and projects that will help bring about the vision. That’s the doing piece. There’s also the work we’ve done around identifying the qualities we need to embody to show up powerfully and get it all done. That’s the being piece. But there’s something else missing from our formula for a kick-ass year.

I see this third element for creating a kick-ass year as something intangible – an energetic field if you will – that dictates our “experience” of the creation process. It’s made up of a vibrational energy that activates possibility and attracts opportunity. There’s also an element of assuredness in this third element, breaking through belief barriers that hold us back. Finally, there’s an element of faith, where we get to harness a God-like creation energy that’s accessible to all of us.

The word “mojo” comes to mind and so I check it out on line…

  • Cambridge Dictionary defines mojo as… “A quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy.”
  • Merriam Webster defines mojo as… “A power that may seem magical and that allows someone to be very effective and successful.”
  • My made-up version… “An energetic vibration that empowers ordinary people to manifest extraordinary results with ease, grace and fun.”

Ah yes, I’ll have some of that!  So in addition to the “being” and the “doing” of creating our best year yet, how about you and I throw in the third element of “mojo“ to supercharge our manifesting powers?

If you’re in, let’s take a closer look and ask, “How exactly do I activate my manifesting mojo?”

What comes up for me is this… To activate our mojo we need to get to the root of what drives the being and the doing, which is our beliefs. “Belief” is defined as a state of mind or a habit of thought. Our beliefs color the lens through which we see the world. Our empowering beliefs create positive emotions, experiences and results. Our disempowering beliefs create negative emotions, lack and keep us from living life fully. One could even go so far as to say our beliefs are the fuel that drive the being and doing and therefore are at the core of our ability to manifest our best year yet.

So, how about you and I pause to see what beliefs we want to hold as we finish this year strong and step into the New Year? It’s actually the perfect thing to do before tomorrow, when we’ll be harnessing our Superhero Powers and turning our vision into a Quarterly Plan that is so cool it will make your toes wiggle. ;0)

Remembering we can’t call anything into our life without making room first, let’s begin with the dis-empowering beliefs I’m letting go of.

  • It’s already been said by someone else so who am I to offer something new.
  • I’m a private person and so social media is difficult for me.
  • My list doesn’t want to hear from me too often, so I can’t do a lot of mailings.
  • Whatever I create needs to be perfect before I put it out there.
  • Others in my niche are more confident than I am so proactive marketing is easier for them.
  • If I ask for the business people will think that I need the business.
  • I need to finish “the work” before I can play.
  • A seven figures business requires me to work more and play less.

Yaowza! That’s quite a list, wouldn’t you say?  Given that I consider myself to be a fairly confident, self-assured person, it’s a bit of a trip to open the lid and see what’s inside. And here it is in black and white for all the world to see. Tell me I’m not alone. ;0} lol.

But it’s cool and all in the name of getting ready for my kick-ass year. So without further ado let’s move to the fun part… claiming the empowering beliefs I am embracing.

  • My experience of life gives me a unique and powerful perspective that others can benefit from.
  • Playing in social media is a fun, easy and meaningful way to connect with others.
  • Lots of people on my list are really interested in what I have to say so it’s those I am emailing.
  • My 70% effort is better than most and it doesn’t need to be perfect.
  • My 29 years growing businesses give me the experience and right to speak what I’ve come to know about success.
  • Asking for business doesn’t make me appear needy; it makes me a smart and savvy marketer.
  • I get more stuff done when I’ve taken time for play and self-care.
  • A seven figure business affords me more time, money and freedom and is a measure of the contribution I am making.

Whew! That feels much better, doesn’t it? Just writing these empowering beliefs shifts my energetic vibration and activates my manifesting mojo.  How about you? Are you holding beliefs that are mucking up your mojo? If you are… welcome to the club! Everyone on this journey of growing a business holds beliefs that keep us from playing full out. The key is in calling them out, replacing them with something better and bringing ourselves back to center when we see ourselves drift.

If you can relate to today’s post let me know by posting a comment. It will not only feel awesome to publically proclaim your new empowering belief, you’ll also inspire fellow “Challenge Champions” to do the same.

With love, Jane