magic-wandGrowing your business can be a twisting and turbulent ride on the roller coaster of entrepreneurship or a smooth and thrilling journey on the Orient Express, straight to your destination.  What determines your path is the degree to which you embrace the power of planning. Whether you love to plan or avoid it at all cost, the tool I am about to share will bring you a sense of control and instantly reduce any sense of overwhelm you may be feeling.

Over the past 4 blogs we’ve been focusing on what you want to have happen in the year ahead— feels good right?  Well, today we’re going to continue our exploration of how you’re going to get there.  To do this, we are going transform our master list of projects and goals (which you did in Day 11) into a quarterly plan that shows your top priority projects and when you will complete them.  With this step completed, you will feel in control of your business growth and be inspired to make daily progress toward your vision.

Awakening the Strategist

Before we dive in we need to awaken your inner Strategist.  That’s the part of you that understands the importance of planning and already knows what steps you’ll need to take to go from concept to the completion of any projects. Your inner strategist is your inner GPS that intuitively knows how to get from A to B.

When we awaken your inner Strategist we activate your ability to…

  • Identify the most important projects that will bring the vision into reality
  • See what smaller steps need to be taken on each of your priority projects
  • Remain confident in your ability to show up powerfully for each task
  • Keep overwhelm at bay, knowing all things will be accomplished in their right time
  • Supercharge your personal effectiveness, enabling you to get more done in less time

With the your inner Strategist at your side, let’s take the following steps to turn your master list of projects and goals into an eagles-eye view of what you will accomplish in each quarter of next year.

Step 1: Grab your Master List of projects and goals you created from the Vision Scanning exercise in Day 12. Review the list once more, deleting what you no longer want and adding any new projects or goals that have surfaced over the past few days.

Step 2: Place an A, B or C next to each item based on the following criteria.

  • Place an “A” next to the foundational projects that need to be complete fairly soon so other projects can be completed later in the year. These are the projects that will go into the first quarter of next year.
  • Place a “B” next to mid-range projects that need to be complete mid-year after the foundational projects are complete.
  • Place a “C” next to longer-range projects that would be completed at the end of next year. I find these are big-idea projects that lay the foundation for throughout the year.

Step 3: Make a list of ongoing projects you will repeat each week or month. You’ll see mine listed as projects I will complete each month in order to generate ongoing leads – these at the bottom of my Phase-Based Plan.

Step 4: For each quarter of next year, transfer each item into the quarter in which you want to complete the project or achieve the goal.  You may want to also list two or three key indicator goals at the top of each quarter such as total sales, clients served or list growth.

By taking time to identify where you will focus your attention in each quarter of next year, you harness the power of planning without locking yourself into a rigid plan that lacks creativity and room to change.

What I love most about taking this step with my private coaching clients is the sense of clarity and calm it creates for them.  No longer will you feel like everything has to be done right away. Instead, you can look to the year ahead with a sense of ease and control and then harness the power of focus.

So my friend, are you ready to take this first step of moving your vision into the clear compelling plan? I hope you will and then share your experience, questions and comments with me here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We want to hear from you! Please email us your questions, blocks, celebrations and challenges to  Your best year yet is dependent upon your ability to rock your inner Strategist and I am here to help.