Eagle Eye ViewCongratulations Finish Strong Friends! We’ve passed the halfway mark on our journey to our best year yet. In celebration of all we’ve accomplished I want to take a moment to look back over the past few weeks and revel in just how far we’ve come. (I’ve linked them to the corresponding entry just in case you missed one or want to revisit.)

Our Finish Strong Journey…

  1. You made the commitment to finish strong.
  2. You reflected on the year you’ve just lived.
  3. You went deeper and came to peace with it all.
  4. You let go of some things and reclaimed others.
  5. You looked at what you may be forgetting.
  6. You created a list of daily rituals that enrich your life.
  7. You saw my first week through the eyes of my coach.
  8. You furthered your movement with what makes you mad.
  9. You looked at the gift that comes from just being YOU.
  10. You went on a quest for what you want the year to hold.
  11. You took three simple steps and wrote down your vision.
  12. You used “vision scanning” to uncover your future wins.
  13. You began shifting the beliefs that block your success.
  14. You mapped out your quarterly goals and projects.

How does that feel? What resonated with you most? Which step held the biggest win for you?

Truth is, whether you’ve taken every step with me along the way or dropped in here and there, my wish for you is that you’re bringing this year to a close with more consciousness and clarity than any year before, and you feel better equipped to make this coming year your best year yet.

But we can’t stop here! We’re just getting to the good part now that we have our “quarterly goals and projects” that we outlined on Day 14. Before we can turn our quarterly goals into a plan of action, we need to pause, ascend even higher and get an eagle’s eye view of the year you are about to live.  Only by viewing the landscape of the entire year can we begin to get specific about what needs to happen to bring the vision into reality.

For this step, I invite you to embrace a planning tool that suites your style. From plastering your office walls with flip chart paper, investing in a huge whiteboard or downloading the latest planning software, this step needs to feel aligned with how you’re wired.  No matter what tool you use, here are some ideas that will help you get a clear picture of the year ahead.

My first pass at my annual calendar is pretty old school – a 12 month calendar I print out in Publisher.  While I’ll transfer it to something else, I find a pencil and paper is the best place to begin.

First, I add our personal priorities so our work is scheduled around our life rather than our life scheduled around our work.  We’ve listed our January birthday get-away, our family reunion in July, special holidays, a quarterly romantic weekend, bi-monthly date nights, a monthly couple’s gathering and three trips to see my mom in Florida.

Next, I list all the business commitments I’ve already committed to. Speaking engagements, mastermind retreats, personal development weekends where I’m the student and any live events I’ve committed to holding throughout the year.  This quick overview of when I’ll be on the road for business and personal helps monitor how I’m doing against my goal to not travel more than 12 days a month.

You can get as creative as you like here. Color code it for personal and business, add stickers or symbols to make it fun or go with a basic approach – it’s all up to you! The key is you end with an eagle’s eye view of the “the big stuff” you are making room for in both your life and business.  If you have a life partner you’ll want to engage them in this step, so the vision you are crafting honors and supports their role in your best year yet.

Now, as you scan the year ahead, what do you notice? Is it too full or too sparse? Is it balanced with a mix of business and pleasure? Are your values and priorities reflected in what you see? Have you made time for the people you cherish?

With a little reflection and the answers to these questions, you get to decide what adjustments need to be made. Does something need to come out?  Is there something missing you want to add?  The goal is to arrive at a place where scanning the year ahead elicits excitement, anticipation, and a feeling of peace knowing that what matters most to you is going to be honored and enjoyed in the coming year. From this place we can move to the next step tomorrow… weaving in the smaller goals and projects that will turn your vision into your reality.

Here’s a simple “cheat sheet” for mapping out the eagle’s eye view for your best year yet!

With Love, Jane