Envelope in handsOne of the fastest paths to getting clear about what you do want is to, first, get really clear about what you don’t want. While the Law of Contrast applies to all areas of your life, today I want to share how it inspired me to design a high-end coaching mastermind that represents the program I wanted, but could never find.

Since hiring my first coach in 1987, when we started our first business, Mario and I have invested nearly a half million dollars in education and private coaching.  Some coaches I worked with for years, others just a few months. Some had a well thought-out plan, others made it up as they went. Some delivered on their promise, others fell far short. Some modeled integrity, others modeled what I vowed to never do.

While I’m the person I am today thanks to the coaches I’ve worked with over the years, perhaps the greatest gift is how my experience inspired my “mini-movement.” Rather than criticize the trends I am seeing in the personal development space, I created a private coaching program I love and that serves my clients on an emotional, spiritual and strategic level.

Am I suggesting we do away with virtually delivered programs that require a smaller investment? Absolutely not! They are an important component of the businesses I create with my clients. However, at this stage of my career I actually want to lock arms with a select group of entrepreneurs who are ready to build a profitable, purposeful business that affords them the life they desire and I develop a process and a program to get them there.

So in service to you up-leveling your private coaching program I’m sharing the 10 Tenants of my Accelerated Business Mastermind and inviting you to develop your own.  What makes your program unique? Where are you willing to go that others in your space are not? How do you provide uncommon value and inspire rapid results? These are questions you want to ponder now as you look to plan for your best year yet.

The 10 Tenants of my Accelerated Business Mastermind…

  1. Personalized feedback from a coach who knows you, your business, your goals and your strengths.
  2. A clearly defined process that inspires you to take consistent action toward your goals.
  3. Personal accountability and the tracking of progress toward monthly benchmarks and goals.
  4. Guidance in adapting the processes to fit your personality and style of doing business.
  5. A focus on the bottom line so projecting, tracking and monitoring profitability becomes fun.
  6. Anytime support so you never feel alone and you can always get the answers you need.
  7. A powerful jumpstart so you experience immediate results which fuels your commitment.
  8. Done-for-you Tech Solutions so you never get bogged down by the headaches of technology.
  9. Inner game support to help you navigate the emotional ups and downs of entrepreneurship.
  10. A loving community of people who hold similar values and are working toward similar vision.

As you consider each tenant, I’m curious… which ones have YOU always wanted for yourself?  Which elements of support have you wanted and not found?

Whether you are a coach looking to up-level your own programs or considering stepping into the New Year with the support of a coach who will be there for you, I invite you to check out my Accelerated Business Mastermind. The six components of powerful program may be exactly what has been missing from your formula for success.

If you want to learn more, I invite you to take the following steps…

  1. Print out and review our “Invitation To Play” to discover what you can expect to accomplish in this accelerated program.
  2. If it sparks something within you, click here to apply for a Business Acceleration Session to explore whether the Accelerated Business Mastermind is the next best move for you.

You can also visit www.acceleratedbusinessmastermind.com to learn more.