time-blocking-productivity-power-tool1Have you ever started your week, looked at your scheduled and experienced an instant feeling of dread and overwhelm? Are your days often filled with appointments that have you jumping from coaching, to training, to planning and then to selling or meeting with your team?

I ask because as I look to the past twelve months, one area I got a little soft on was my time blocking ritual. Time blocking is a technique in which you block off several hours for “like tasks” to help strengthen your productivity and eliminate distraction. When I practice this productivity habit I feel calm, clear and in control of my life and business. When I don’t, I feel scattered and unproductive.

To reactivate my time blocking mojo, I looked back to a time when I was truly in my groove. Here is a summary of what a typical week looks like when I embrace this powerful practice. While it doesn’t ever go exactly as planned, it always help to have the Holy Grail to shoot for. ;0)

Jane’s Week-At-A Glance

When I’m in my groove, I begin every day with my morning practice. This is a time for reflection, journaling, writing and just being. Then I spend a little time in email so I can start the day feeling grounded and in control.

Monday mornings are devoted to planning and the afternoon to making progress on priority projects.

  • Check in on our monthly and quarterly goals so I remain focused on our priorities
  • Review and respond to each team member’s Weekly Recap summarizing their wins and focus for the coming week
  • Review our progress on priority projects and check in with the team responsible
  • Update my Weekly Manifestation List where I track all my To Dos and team responsibilities
  • Look over my calls for the week to see how I need to prepare
  • Meet with our Social Media team to plan our outreach for the week
  • Meet with Mario to review accounts payable and compare projections to actual receivables

Tuesdays are devoted to my private clients.

  • A 1 hour meeting with my virtual team to connect about the week ahead
  • Preparation for my private client sessions that start at 11
  • Private sessions that wrap up at 5 or 6
  • Client follow-up emails where I recap key accomplishments and commitments

Wednesdays are devoted to priority projects such as writing copy for an upcoming launch, meeting with team members on pending projects or completing a component of a pending project.

Thursday mornings I prepare for the Accelerated Business Mastermind session from 11 to 1 and spend the afternoon on whatever.

Fridays are my “free days” when I keep it light, fun and unstructured. Sometimes it’s catch-up time and other days it’s big vision planning or creative brainstorming.

Finally, I set up 25 minute and 45 minute scheduling links for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. These are when I conduct exploration calls with new connections or strategy sessions with potential clients.

Where do my mini-breaks, time at the gym or hikes with Boomer and Mario fit in? I’ve found that if I don’t get them in before noon they are a goner, which is why I typically am up and going around 5:30 am.

Here’s the deal… we all have 24 hours in a day and how we use that time determines the quality of our life. How much we earn, the depth of our relationships and the sense of joy we experience on a daily basis is all driven by the choices we make on a daily basis.

So this week, why not try a little time-blocking? Start with 2 half days you devote to like tasks or a project and see how you feel. You never know, you may just find it to be the missing element to your inner peace and greater productivity. ;0)

Quick question… how would it feel to receive support implementing this concept or any of the other ideas I’ve shared through the Finish Strong Challenge? You don’t have to do it alone! Email Kim, kim@janedeuber.com, to receive information or schedule a time to discuss how we can support you to make the coming year your best year in business yet.