cew“Share how you transformed yourself into an empowered woman.” That was the request of Rosie Aiello, the vibrant woman behind the Empowered Women’s Series, which I am honored to be a part of.

Hmmm… to write about that, one must first embrace what “being an empowered woman” means. Images of Superwoman and sharply dressed, broad-shouldered moguls come to mind. Nope, that’s not what “being an empowered woman” means to me.

Being an empowered woman (to me) means I am an advocate of my vision, my values and those things and people that I care about. It means I take action to right the things that pull at my heartstrings and I’m willing to take risks to make a difference, change the world and live an abundant life. It also means that I allow myself to be kick-ass and invincible one moment and vulnerable and clueless in the next.  As an empowered woman I have learned to love all of me – the good, the bad, the light and the shadow. And while I feel pretty damn good about all I’ve accomplished so far, I know that I am a work in progress and have only scratched the surface.

So how did I arrive here, Rosie Aiello? Let me count the ways…

  1. I’ve lived 55 fabulous years, which in and of itself, gives one the chops to navigate the highs and lows that come with living life, loving deeply and building businesses.
  2. I was told by my mom and dad, at a very young age, that I could do anything and I decided to believe them. It’s funny what you’ll attempt when you don’t give much thought to what happens if you fail.
  3. I learned early on that “risk-taking” was exhilarating and that the rewards were always much more compelling that any repercussions of the downside.
  4. I’ve surrounded myself with remarkable support… a loving and extremely forgiving husband, siblings who are there for me in a heartbeat, friends who know me and still love me, a team that cares as much about our vision as I do, mastermind partners who call me on my stuff and coaches who nudge me to step into the next evolution of who I am being called to be.  As my buddy John Dulworth says… Jane, with you it DOES take a village. ;0)
  5. I haven’t and never will drink my own Kool-Aid. What I mean is that no matter how many accolades and compliments I receive, I always remember I am just like everyone else and still have so much to learn.
  6. Finally, I strive to live my life as Wayne Dyer suggests… to live my life independent of the opinion of others. This is a hard one for a people-pleasing girl from the Midwest, but I’m getting better at it as I get older.

So there you have it, some late in the evening musings about how I became an empowered woman. But this blog post wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the hand of God in this journey to becoming me. While I’m not one to delve publically into my personal beliefs, I would be remiss to surmise that there was not a greater power working it’s magic in my life and for that I am humbly grateful.

Thanks for asking Rosie. I look forward to our “public” exploration of this and any other topic we feel like chatting about on my interview.

To the reader… why not do something bold and empowered and post a comment on how you’ve transformed yourself into an empowered woman or man? I’m listening!

Join me for the Empowered Women’s Prosperity Party. :o)