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Have you heard the news? The sale of educational programs online is at an all-time high. In 2015 alone, sales of online programs exceeded the $100 billion mark and this year it continues to rise.

How about you? Are you getting a piece of that $100 billion market with a virtual course of your own?

If not, you are missing a huge opportunity to scale your business, reach more people and create a windfall of recurring revenues.  When designed correctly, your virtual course can be offered as a Do-It-Yourself course or become the epicenter of a high end coaching or mastermind program, which you can scale and leverage.

BUT there’s a problem. There’s a “Dirty Little Secret” behind these impressive statistics and it’s something you need to know.

“eLearning, until now, has been a catastrophic failure. Only a fraction of users ever log in. Those who do often hate what they find – they complete one or two modules and then they’re out.”

Stephen J. Meyer, CEO of Rapid Learning Institute

It’s estimated that 80% of people who invest in a virtual program NEVER make it past the first step of the process. They’re dropping like flies; feeling disappointed, discouraged and disenchanted.  Chances are you’ve purchased online programs you’ve never truly utilized.

This is not only bad for business, but it’s causing brilliant, mission-driven entrepreneurs (like you perhaps) to question whether to design, produce and deliver a virtual course of their own.  Well… that’s all about to change!

For the past 13 years, I’ve delivered 24 courses to tens of thousands of students around the globe and helped hundreds of experts do the same. During that time, I’ve been relentless in my search for a simple process for designing a course.  One that delivers on our promise by providing just the right amount of relevant content, in a compelling manner, so students stay in the game and get what they need.

Here’s what I know for sure…

The Problem: Student engagement is at an all-time low… with the lowest completion rates we’ve ever seen. This epidemic of in-completion is eroding the trust of consumers and causing conversion rates to plummet.

The Root Cause: The vast majority of experts, taking their content online, may have an expertise in their respective area of work (health, wellness, relationships, parenting, business growth, and so on), but they lack the training on how to design, produce and deliver great online programs.

While you most likely have developed a particular expertise in your field, you’ve never taken the time to learn the basics of exceptional course design.  FYI… a 90 minute recording of a live tele-training posted online with some printable handouts DOES NOT provide a transformational client experience!

It’s time to “up your game” by learning the basics of great course design and I’m here to help!

Join me for this 7 Day Series On Virtual Course Design

Over the next 7 days, I am going to share what I’ve learned on how to create six-figure courses you can leverage for life.  If my insights ring true, then I bet you are willing to be a maverick in the industry and create courses clients crave.

The Seven Essential Elements of a Virtual Course That Clients Crave

Essential Element #1: An engaging orientation that inspires commitment and completion

The first 24 hours of your client’s course experience will make or break their success and drastically impact your bottom line profit.  But all too often, trainers fail to impress their new students leaving them feeling disappointed and seriously questioning their decision to buy. From here three things happen…

They voice their concern and request a refund.

They slip quietly away never to return and never to complete.

They stay… press on, but lack the conviction and persistence that “real change” requires.

On day 1 of this series, I will share what needs to happen in the first 24 hours of your client’s virtual course experience. Never again will you suffer the embarrassment and disappointment of client refund requests.

Essential Element #2: A way to measure student’s growth and results

To remain engaged, all students need to see improvement at every step of the process. In a virtual learning experience, it becomes even more important to have a way to track progress, celebrate wins and recognize the results they are creating with what they’ve learned.  By taking a snapshot of where students are strong and where they need to grow, they’ll be more likely to consume your trainings, act on what they learn and monitor the results they are getting.

On day 2 of this series, I will show you how to incorporate numerical assessments into your course orientations to increase engagement and keep students in the game – all the way till the end.

Essential Element #3: A way to make students feel seen, understood and inspired

In a virtual environment, it is easy for students to feel alone and invisible on what can be a challenging and scary journey toward the changes they are seeking. But, when virtual students feel seen by you and your team, their level of engagement skyrockets and participation soars. But how can you afford the time and resources to ensure students feel seen when the goal is to automate delivery in the first place?  The answer is progress tracking and automated nudges to keep students in the game all the way to the end.

On day 3 of this series, I will share our secret sauce for ensuring your virtual students feel seen, understood and inspired, so you eliminate the epidemic of disengagement that now plagues the eLearning world.

Essential Element #4: A well-crafted Module 1 that equips them for the journey ahead

Want to know the second biggest mistake people make when creating online courses (right behind mistake #1 of providing too much content)?  The answer…. You are forgetting the foreplay!

In our desire to get right to work on teaching clients what we feel they need to know, we are forgetting our responsibility to our clients to equip them for the journey ahead.  We do that by taking time to accomplishing five essential goals with our Module 1 content.  Miss these five important steps and they are doomed to fail. Accomplish these five goals and you will have done your part to equip them with the mindset and conviction they will need along the way.

On day 4 of this series, I will reveal my favorite tool for designing a powerful Module 1 that sets your clients up for success. This process is so effective it will forever change your ability to develop compelling content – whether for a speech, a marketing campaign or your next course.

Essential Element #5:  A way to increase engagement through goal setting and testing

One way to increase engagement and ensure your clients get what they came to you for is to hold them accountable to both your process and their commitments.  Easier said than done when most trainers have no clue about where their students are and whether they are acting on what they learn.  But the good news is, through add-on components like weekly goal setting and module testing you can turn a hum drum course experience into a meaningful process of change.

On day 5 of this series, I will dive further into how to use goal setting and module testing to inspire four times the average completion rate and create raving fans who can’t wait to buy more.

Essential Element #6: Well-crafted modules that inspire lasting, meaningful change

One thing I have learned from 13 years in the virtual training trenches is that we cannot expect to inspire lasting change in our clients without understanding how humans are wired for change.  Not only do you need to break your content into a step-by-step process, each step (or module) needs to 1) stimulate empowering beliefs 2) inspire new behaviors 3) impart the necessary skills and 4) provide the support they need to succeed.

On day 6 of this series, I will share my time-tested formula for designing course modules that will instill meaningful and lasting change in your clients.

Essential Element #7: A course delivery platform that WOWs clients and can grow with you

The most important decision you make when taking your content on line is the eLearning platform you will use. With hundreds of options ranging from free to uber expensive, it’s essential you chose a platform that will serve your clients and the expanding needs of your business. Choose the wrong delivery platform and you can expect years of technical hassles and frustrated clients. Choose the right deliver platform and you’ll have an asset you can easily leverage for years to come.

On day 7 of this series, I will be offering a LIVE demo of our state-of-the-art course design and delivery service. I’ll give you a peek behind the curtain at what is said to be the “Tesla” of online course delivery and show you how YOU can provide your clients with a mind-blowing experience, no matter the size of your budget.

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