breakthrough2Last December, I embarked upon a 30-Day challenge during which I revealed, in a rather transparent and personal way, my four-week journey toward ending 2015 strong so I could step powerfully into 2016 ready to rock.

It was inspired by the stark realization that for me that after 29 years of consistent business success, 2015 pretty much sucked. For the better part of that year I had been off my game, feeling uninspired and in a fog. The 30-Day Finish Strong Challenge was my opportunity to hit the reset button and chart a new course for 2016. I made my journey public through daily blog posts as a way to hold myself accountable and help others who were also feeling off their game. Turned out, I wasn’t the only one needing a reset. A couple thousand people came along for the ride – perhaps you were among them?

9 Months Later

Fast forward to today, September 30, 2016, a whopping 274 days into the year, one might wonder how this year has played out for me?

Despite the heartbreaking loss of three very special loved ones over these past nine months, I am happy to report that this year has kicked ass. (Yippee!)

  • The team has grown,
  • Our programs and packages were refined,
  • We launched a mastermind for thought leaders who are playing a big game,
  • I held two live events and sales are up and going strong.

But more importantly, during these past 9 months I found my groove. I’m feeling clear, energized, committed and on purpose and having more fun than I’ve had in years. My daily practice of taking care of my body and soul has inspired a whole new vision for my business and my team and I are taking daily courageous action to make it a reality.

What Part Did The 30 Day Challenge Play?

The process of reflecting, refueling and re-calibrating my life and business were the catalyst I needed to step out of the fog, fear and confusion, into a place of clarity, confidence and commitment.  But the process didn’t end at the stroke of midnight on December 31… I remained committed to my daily practice, kept unpacking the new vision and kept on keeping-on to find my groove once again.

john dulworthI did one other thing that changed the game for me in 2016… I expanded my support team.  For tactical support I added an administrative assistant and found two rock star women, each of whom will be leading the growth of our two technology companies. I also returned to my work with my friend and life coach, John Dulworth. This entrepreneurial journey can wreak havoc on your inner game… the fear, self-doubt, worry, overwhelm and guilt. Having John back in my life as my coach, has been a key piece in me being able to play big again.

Your Invited To Finish 2016 Strong

Why all the fuss around last year’s Finish Strong Challenge and the shifts that took place as a result?

Because I want to invite you to join me (and John) for the Big Finish Challenge, designed to help you kick ass in these last 90 days of 2016. Over the next 30 days, we will help you craft a new vision for what’s possible in your life and business, step boldly into the person you need to be to make it happen and then run alongside you, celebrating every triumph as you go for your “Big Finish.”

big finish challenge

Think of the Big Finish Challenge as a refueling of your soul and a re-calibration of your road map so you can play full out in the final stretch of 2016.

I am here to support you on the tactical side, as we clarify your game-changing goals, map out how you will get there and tap into your inner Rock Star to create the results you are wanting.

John is here to support you on the inner game side, equipping you with a new set of tools to navigate the emotional highs and low and experience a sense of fun and aliveness on your way to the goal.

There’s no cost to participate. All we ask is that you come with an open heart and willing spirit to try new things and explore new opportunities. If you are with us, there’s a good chance you will be among those who, on December 31, are looking back at these last 90 days in awe of all you have accomplished and how good you really feel.

C’mon, you know you want to. ;0)

Join the #BigFinishChallenge TODAY!

Much Love, Jane