And oh by the way… let’s make it really bad ass!

handsHere we go, Big Finish Friends!

It’s Day 1 of the Big Finish Challenge and I can feel the excitement.

After yesterday’s “pre-challenge confession”, I’ve heard from a lot of you via text, email and posts. Turns out, John and I aren’t the only ones turned on by the idea of finishing out 2016 in a really big way. Very cool!

To begin our journey together the first thing we want to do is get clear on exactly what you want to be celebrating when the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 2016.  Perhaps, like me, you’ve got a New Year’s ritual where you write out your intentions for the year in the form of you annual goals.

It’s been a few months since I revisited mine, so I turned to my journal entry from January 1 to revisit what it held.

First… some of what I wanted has already come true. Cool beans. Don’t you love the power of claiming what you want?

Second… some of the stuff I don’t want anymore. Nice. A sense of obligation is lifted as I cross those off.

Third… some things I really want are missing. But of course they are… a lot has changed over these past nine months. I’m different, my businesses are different and what I want has evolved since then.

How about you? As you look to what you intended for this year, are you three fourths of the way there? Have some of the things you wanted to make happen been pushed to the side? Have the revenues fallen short or your team not grown as you had intended? This “getting honest” about where you are in comparison to where you thought you would be is essential to this process of creating your BIG finish. It’s a chance to tap into your resolve and re-ignite your determination to do what it takes to have the thing you want most.

To finish 2016 in a really big way, we need a crystal clear picture of what you want these next 90 days to hold. The more clear you are, the more courageous, committed and productive you will be. So let’s activate your manifesting mojo by spending these first few days of the Big Finish Challenge getting crystal clear about what we really want.

VISION… it’s a purpose-driven expression of what you want your life to look and feel like at a specific time in the future. It gives you a sense of purpose and inspires you to take daily actions towards bringing the vision into your reality.

Your vision…

  • Engages your heart, mind and spirit in the process of creating a great life
  • Helps you see the smaller steps and projects that will get you to where you want to be
  • Inspires you to move past the fear and take courageous actions that lead to bigger wins
  • Gives your everyday life more significance, meaning and fun

Sounds pretty good right? So let’s do this together!

Following is my Vision Crafting Process that I’ve used for three decades to manifest everything in my life – from new businesses, a 30-year marriage to my soul mate and even my dream home in Pebble Beach, California. I’ve also used it to help friends, family and clients manifest what they want in their life and it never fails to unearth something magical.

Step #1: Give yourself the space and time for go on a vision quest.

Find a quiet spot where you will not be interrupted. How much time you give yourself is up to you. I typically spend about an hour for this first pass at then revisit it over time. I also like to put myself in a comfortable and inspiring environment to create a sense of possibility and abundance. My favorite spot for vision work is a spot here in Pebble Beach called The Restless Sea. As I look out over the crashing waves, my mind can wonder to what’s possible. Add some beautiful music, light a candle, or pour a cup of tea or glass of wine to set the tone.

Step #2: Imagine your three-dimensional vision.

Your vision is not just a list of things you want to accomplish. At its best, your vision encompasses all aspects of your being – how you want to feel, what you want to accomplish and the people you want to be with you. For a peek at the life wheel I use as inspiration during my vision quest process, click here. You’ll find it reflects the 8 areas of my life that fall within the four realms of Personal, Professional, Physical and Relational.

Step #3: Describe what you want your life to look like on that date.

As if you had already lived these next three months, begin to celebrate in detail, how your life looks and feels in each of the eight areas of the Life Wheel. One by one, move through each area and celebrate all the good that has unfolded throughout the year, spending a little extra time in the area related to the work you are here to do. What revenues did you generate in these last 3 months? What game-changing projects did you complete? Write about the goals you achieved, shifts you made, people you connected with and experiences you had as if they have already happened.

There you have it… your first Big Finish assignment!

Over these next few days, John and I will be here to help you refine your vision so that it becomes the catalyst for you showing up and kicking ass these next three months.

One quick request… As you craft your vision, be sure to share what’s coming up for you in the Big Finish Facebook group. How does it feel? What questions do you have? What are you celebrating? Because creating a kick-ass ending to your 2016 is more fun when we do it together. ;0)

To your big, beautiful vision!

Much Love, Jane

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